Internode NBN Plans Start From $29.95

Internode NBN Plans Start From $29.95

Primus’s NBN plans for Tasmania didn’t impress anyone much, but iiNet’s offering got a more positive reception. How does Internode stack up?

While Internode is promoting the fact that its cheapest plan for NBN stage 1 customers, costing $29.95, is cheaper than anything it offers with ADSL, that plan only includes 15GB of data. I suspect Lifehacker readers will be more impressed with the higher-volume plans; 200GB for $139.95 sounds nice for media addicts, though at 100Mbps you could chew through it quickly, at least in theory.

Hit the link for full details of the 15 plans on offer, and tell us which ones catch your fancy in the comments.

Internode [via APC]


  • Personally, I’d definitely choose the lowest speed, highest download plan. The majority of people in Australia probably wouldn’t realise how fast that connection really is. I sync’d at 23 down in one place I lived and it was AWESOME.

    Unless you’re streaming HD (not downloading for later use), you’re not going to notice the lower speed. And if you’re streaming HD, like you said, you’re going through that 200GB pretty fast.

  • 15G @ $29.95 is pretty good for those who don’t use channel BT – I’m on $45 for 10G on a naked DSL, so the Internode NBN would be a significant upgrade

  • I see the whole you could chew threw the data very quickly statement a lot at the moment when talking about the NBN. I guess I wonder, would you? Would the average person? Couldn’t the same argument be made currently if you had ADSL2+ sync’d at 20Mbps? Would YouTube videos really load at 100Mbps for example? A large chunk of our traffic comes from overseas so it’ll be interesting to see how quick it goes through the NBN.

  • Interestingly just like iinet’s NBN plans these count uploads. Is this a trend with all NBN plans?

    Also, shaping to 128k is pretty draconian ain’t it?

  • I am with Internode at the moment and i find these deals very reasonable, and one good thing with them is the on/off peak times which alot of ISPs use and with my 60Gb ADSL2+ i have umlimited uploads so i dont know why.

    Also it wouldnt be very often that you would get the full 100mb/s speed so you would probably wouldnt use much more then the quotas we have now.

  • I’ve used at least half a dozen ISPs in Australia (including Telstra, TPG and other well-known ones) and Internode is BY FAR the best of the lot. Yep, they may be a bit more expensive on some plans but how much is your time worth? In a year I’ve never had down time, download speeds are consistent and fast and the people in the call centres are knowledgeable, professional and courteous. I won’t go into the two year nightmare I endured with TPG before Internode–RUN, don’t walk away from that company. Horrific quality ADSL and customer service that’s even worse. INTERNODE rocks.

  • Why can’t we fully follow the trends of other countries and just have true unlimited plans where there is no download limit? Set prices/speeds and no download limit, problem solved! I personally would smash 200Gb with 100Mb/s, I’ve come close on 24Mb/s. Also, might I say that speed limiting is the biggest toss that’s ever been introduced. FAST SPEEDS + NO LIMITS = HAPPY CUSTOMERS.

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