Internode Outlines Its Plans For NBN Pricing

Lifehacker reader favourite ISP Internode has offered an NBN-based service in Tasmania since last year, but that was always a temporary local solution. Internode has now outlined its national pricing plans for general NBN services, which rather reflect the recent price changes it made to regular services.

Here’s the complete pricing table straight from Internode:

These plans all include bundled telephone services (and $10 of basic credit). As with current plans, you can also pay for upgrades such as fixed IP addresses, but the option to pay $10 a month extra and not have uploads counted has been dropped. Obviously, you won’t be able to obtain these plans until NBN services roll out in your area.

I suspect many people’s response to these plans will be “Why aren’t there cheaper options?” Internode founder Simon Hackett has made no secret of the fact that he thinks the current NBN wholesaling model is flawed, and that prices could be changed with a different approach. What’s your take?


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