Internode Outlines Its Plans For NBN Pricing

Internode Outlines Its Plans For NBN Pricing

Lifehacker reader favourite ISP Internode has offered an NBN-based service in Tasmania since last year, but that was always a temporary local solution. Internode has now outlined its national pricing plans for general NBN services, which rather reflect the recent price changes it made to regular services.

Here’s the complete pricing table straight from Internode:

Internode Outlines Its Plans For NBN Pricing

These plans all include bundled telephone services (and $10 of basic credit). As with current plans, you can also pay for upgrades such as fixed IP addresses, but the option to pay $10 a month extra and not have uploads counted has been dropped. Obviously, you won’t be able to obtain these plans until NBN services roll out in your area.

I suspect many people’s response to these plans will be “Why aren’t there cheaper options?” Internode founder Simon Hackett has made no secret of the fact that he thinks the current NBN wholesaling model is flawed, and that prices could be changed with a different approach. What’s your take?



  • at current adsl2+ rates, these plans are shit. not worth it. think I will be staying with adsl2+ for as long as I can before being forced over to the NBN.

    • This is true.. unless, like me you’re on a RIM. Then its a better deal.

      Dont forget to factor in the approx. $30 “Line Rental” tax that you pay at the moment as well.

      If I went for the Gold 200GB 99.00 service I’d save at least $20 a month PLUS get outstanding speed AND not have to worry about my downloads at all.

      Bring it on. I want it yesterday.

        • NBN is a Fiber to the Home service. NBNco. will run fiber-optic cable up to the house and provide a termination unit with four Ethernet ports. Ideally the old copper network would be ripped up but you will have the option to continue to have an active phone line.

    • Are you serious? the price for the 25/5 plans are only $10 a month more than the current Naked DSL plans.

      So for me who only gets 6mbits sync I will be getting 4x the speed (both upload and download) for only slightly more.

      If i’m feeling stingy I can just double my speed to 12mbit and keep the same upload for the same price.

      Bring it on!

  • While the quota’s and connection speeds offered on the above table seem to skirt either side of my current plan, they’re actually very competitive with my current ADSL service (Regional zone 2, using Telstra wholesale ADSL2 through iPrimus – with no option for naked DSL).

    One thing I haven’t seen anyone report on is if there under the NBN there will be a tiered pricing model (ie metro, regional, regional 2) similar to what is currently in place for ADSL.

    • The plans definitely seem to be more appealing to region 1&2 customers as apposed to metro.

      I will be paying roughly the same coming from nodes regional ‘reach’ plans but instead of getting 4mbps I could be getting up to 100mbps.

      If they do have region based pricing though we’ll be screwed.

  • You would think with the NBN the prices would be cheaper to help drive a faster take up but when you compare these to normal ADSL 2+ plans, they are crap. I think I’ll be doing the same as the others here and remain on ADSL 2+ for a long time.

  • Is the speed guaranteed? That’d be better than ADSL’s “up to X if you live next to the exchange” or cable’s “X divided by all your neighbours”.

    Bronze 200GB costs at much as my ADSL2+ plan with phone rental ($80), with twice my achievable speed (6 Mbit) and quota. I’d take that the moment it’s available.

  • Prices always start high, they’ll get all the early adopters they can and once thats all done competition will kick in and prices will drop.

  • Considering I can not get an aDSL service better than 3Mb/s, these are a godsend. If these plans exist as they are when they get to my house I will sign up for the 25/5 200GB plan the day after 🙂

    I am sick of aDSL and want to get off that terrible technology 🙁

    I want higher speeds, lower latency, higher reliability and better flexibility, all things that aDSL performs poorly at.

  • I currently pay TPG $60 a month, for a 20/1Mbps connection with an unlimited quota.

    Being a video game developer, I use around 800gb a month in downloads.

    If I were to go Bronze 1TB, I would be paying almost 3x as much as I am now, have a hard limit on my downloads, and only half the speed.

    These plans are ridiculously priced, and are in NO WAY competitive with current ADSL2+ providers.

    Looks like i’ll be on Copper for as long as possible too.

    • You cant really compare Internodes NBN plans to TPGs ADSL plans, compare their DSL plans and you will see that TPG is still much better GB for your buck, so wait and see what TPG offer for NBN … then complain.

    • As an ex-game developer myself, I have no idea what you could be using 800GB a month on.

      As a torrenter, I can understand, but purely from a developers POV, where’s it all used up?

  • Ouch! So expensive!

    Sure, we’re getting fibre to where there is currently crap ADSL2+ or no ADSL at all.. but unless they drastically reduce the price, the NBN will nosedive before it even gets started.

    On a side note.. why is data still counted in this country? What is the reasoning for it? I mean.. if there is a reason why we pay for data, what is it?..

    We used to pay per connect; then we used to pay on a timed basis; then it switched to speed/data based plans and hasn’t changed since. What is stopping us from going like the Yanks and having speed only based plans?

  • what BS prices. I’d rather stick with my 1GB mobile plan and just not go on the internet.

    Also, i hate how the NBN has just become another cashcow on steroids. We should have seen these silly prices coming.

    Prices aren’t dropping anytime soon – the “early adopters” won’t be that plentiful with those prices.

  • WOW! Even on the cheapest Bronze Plan, I can get 6 times the speed of my current connection & 12.5 times the downloads for the same as I’m paying now! Roll on NBN to Metropolitan Melbourne!!!!!!

    You people on ADSL2+ really have no freaking idea how bad Internet connections are out there!

  • I already have ADSL2+ at 12Mps with 320g downloads for only $78
    Why the hell would I want NBN?

    I don’t care about the speed, I ONLY care about value for money!

    • I agree, I’m with TPG getting 14Mbps with unlimited downloads for $59.95 which also includes line rental. No plan here compares to that, none come even close.

  • On a platinum plan i pay $10 dollars more for 50GB less data (i have a cheap node phone account already). However i get a 100/40Mbps connection and what i think is the real value adder that a lot of people don’t quite understand, unimaginably low latency.

    Don’t stress to much, these are the initial “feeler” plans that the market is offering to test the waters. Competition really hasn’t started to have a effect on prices since no one knows what price or with whom they are going to be competing with. Give it a bit off time, Internode refresh’s their offers continuously and i expect these prices to go down once the market firms up.

  • Well these are quite the rip off. We’re on 100mbps HFC Cable Internet in Melbourne with 1TB data and unlimited phone calls to landlines and mobiles, and paying $80 less than that “platinum” plan.

    How long will I be able to avoid this stupid NBN before they rip out the HFC networks and force me to change over to this overpriced monstrosity? =(

  • I am on the ADSL plan, broadband classic, I got a quota of 50GB but at 1.5/256 which is further slowed due to other factors. However, If I migrate to ADSL+/2 I lose the quota to 30GB. I guess given that all machines Apple/Microsoft update themselves with Gigs of data given the chance, the important thing is also the Quota.

    Whats the point of having the fastest Internet speed but un-affordable prices for a quota thats decent with the speeds to match.

    If the start was 100GB instead of 30GB, that would make sense. But then, what does …?

  • TOO EXPENSIVE… Why is Australia still in the Stone ages with its internet plans? No other country in the world with established internet has to pay these horse shit prices.

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