Primus Announces NBN Pricing For Tasmanians

Primus Announces NBN Pricing For Tasmanians

There’s been lots of discussion about what National Broadband Network pricing might look like, and we’ve always known Tasmania would be the first to get it. Primus today became the first ISP to announce full NBN pricing for Tasmanian regional customers using the fibre to the home (FTTH) network being built on the Apple Isle, and it’s something of a mixed bag.

While the prices haven’t hit the Primus site at this writing, a company press release says that the cheapest plans will be $39.95 — though that presumes a bundled phone plan and a minimum 12 month month contract. The high-speed Max FTTH plan, which includes local, national and mobile calls, costs $44.97 a month, including line rental, for the first six months (after which it doubles, and you’ll have another 18 months to go). That plan includes 5GB of peak and 10GB of offpeak data, after which you’ll be shaped. An added bonus: Primus offers ABC iView without counting towards those caps. The off-peak period is 2am to 10am, which is better than some other providers.

Compared to the pricing for alternative options in Tasmania (which would often be basic ADSL1, Next G or nothing), those look pretty good. However, having to sign up to a long-term contract and buy other services isn’t a model of flexibility. That’s not exactly surprising, but it would be nice to see more stripped down options in the future.

Sound like a good deal? Too rich for your blood? Download your thoughts in the comments.



  • You do of course realise this is iPrimus.. Not exactly known for it’s high bandwidth plans.

    Wait until a more serious provider comes along before passing judgement imo.

  • Australia seems to be still hanging on to the download limits – WHY! we will never get hulu type goodies as long as we are restricted to download caps and ridiculous Internet pricing.

  • Assuming 1 GB = 1000 MB for simplicity’s sake:

    15 GB = 15,000 MB
    15,000 * 8 = 120,000 Mbits
    120,000 ÷ 100 Mbits/s = 1200 seconds
    1200 ÷ 60 = 20 minutes

    So you only get 20 minutes of full-speed downloading per month.
    $50 ÷ 20 mins = $2.5 per minute.

    Doesn’t seem like much of a deal to me 🙁

  • so currently i pay $50 for 30 + unlimited off peak on a 12 month contract for ADSL 2+ why am i planning to pay double this for half of the data allowance that i currently get ON PEAK!!?

  • Absolute garbage plans. TPG has unlimited ADSL2+ for $75 IIRC, as soon as the Geelong DSLAM is active I’ll be churning.

    Why would you bother getting FTTH with a limit you’ll reach in an hour? It needs to be at least 10 times the current cap, damn it.

  • Quotas seem to be designed to be small so we’ll exceed them quickly and end up paying $100s each month in excess usage charges!

    And at the speeds delivered by fibre this will happen in a flash!

    Also:- ADSL2+ is available here in Hobart at most exchanges

  • Im in tassie, and we already have adsl2+ in most areas with telstra. so i really dont get the point in FTTH, what speeds are they planning to throttle everyone down to anyway?

  • Why does everybody assume this is their only plan?
    That price is call inclusive for the 20Mbit plan, that’s not “up to…” like ADSL2=+. Might not be revolutionary but where I am it would be tempting.
    Wait for the big guns to release some more competitive plans.
    Now I wait for someone to compare Australia to Korea 😉

  • maybe im delusional, but after the big rudd promises, the multi billion dollar tax (meaning we pay for it) funded system, we all should be expecting a much better system than we have currently, or else those billions could have been better spent elsewhere.

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