Internode Lifts NBN Plan Upload Speeds

Internode Lifts NBN Plan Upload Speeds

When we looked at the Tasmania-only (for now) NBN plans launched last year, Internode’s package got a pretty good reception. Now Lifehacker readers’ favourite ISP has increased the upload speeds for its NBN customers.

Customers on a 25Mbps service will see upload speeds rise from 2Mbps to 5Mbps. On 50Mbps, uploads rise from 4Mbps to 20Mbps, while on the 100Mbps connection, the maximum upload rate rises from 8MBps to 40Mbps. Internode says that the upgrades, which are designed to match the Tasmanian services to proposed overall specifications for the NBN, will begin this weekend and roll out over the next two weeks.



  • It is a shame that NBN have chosen to implement tiered pricing based on connection speed. This means that many people will opt for 25Mbps connection based on price and miss out. With 1Gbps wholesale price at $150, I don’t see many people paying the premium. It is a shame when it cost NBNCo that much more to deliver.

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