Would You Buy Internode's NBN Phone?

Internode today announced details of the phone services it will offer with its NBN plans. Given the choice between paying $19.95 a month line rental for a semi-traditional phone service, nothing for a VOIP service apart from calls, or giving up on a landline altogether, which option are you going to choose?

Internode offers three choices to customers who sign up to its NBN plans:

  • No voice services at all, which makes sense if you're happy to use your mobile, or rely on third-party options like Skype.
  • The Internode Fibre Phone Service, which costs $29.95 a month on its own and routes calls through a handset connected directly to your network termination device. That drops to $19.95 a month if you bundle it with an NBN service from Internode (and it's difficult to imagine too many people buying one without the other). Calls on these plans are charged at the same rates as Internode's existing NodePhone plans (18 cents untimed for landline calls, 29 cents a minute to mobiles.)
  • The NodePhone-Initial VOIP bundle, which doesn't cost anything per month but charges calls at the same NodePhone rates. You'll need a VOIP-capable router to use this. You can pay for additional credit bundles if you use your phone heavily.

On our NBN Planhacker ranking, which only assesses the data components, Internode has some advantages (no contract requirements, no off-peak options) and some disadvantages (more expensive data than many rivals). The voice options are a handy addition if you want a landline, but by my reckoning don't change that essential positioning.

Provider aside, when the NBN reaches my house, I suspect I'll just use it for net access and rely on my mobile. What will you do?



    I have Internode Nodephone even though I have a Telstra Cable service. Internode used to be my ISP and I can't port my Nodephone number to Telstra -- how stupid is that?

    Having a "landline" is handy -- my wife uses it for volunteer work and my elderly father is more comfortable with it.

    Will get the NBN in the next few months. Going to ditch fixed lines for calls. Mobile gives more calls than I need and Skype is fine for international calls

    At this point my landline is just something that charities ring looking for cash.

    Haven't had a landline in... 3 years? Last year and a bit on NBN, naked ADSL prior to that. Dont miss it one bit

    Naked DSL doesn't work here, so I have no choice but to have a landline connected for ADSL. Can't wait to get rid of it.

    No landline for me. I've never had one unless I've absolutely had to for ADSL purposes.

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