iiNet’s NBN Pricing: No Cheaper Than $49.95 A Month

iiNet’s NBN Pricing: No Cheaper Than $49.95 A Month

When Primus’s NBN pricing for Tasmanians was revealed recently, Lifehacker readers weren’t too impressed. I’m not sure how much happier you will all be with iiNet’s newly-announced offer.

iiNet is offering zero setup fees and a free BoB routerto customers who sign up before the end of September (though, as with Primus, that requires a 24-month contract). While the download limits are higher than the Primus offering, they’re not dramatically higher than you can get with existing many plans. Here’s the breakdown, direct from iiNet’s press announcement (click for a larger version):

The plans will only be initially available in Midway Point, Smithton and Scottsdale. Tempting? Not different enough? Tell us your reaction in the comments.



  • I’d take a bite for $100 a month. As a freelabncer- doing a lot of video work, I value my time (and time spent waiting) over the increse. Based on my current iinet plan, I would be paying $20 more a month (50gb/50gb) That’s easily justified.
    I get it if home users are not impressed, but really a 10 fold increase in speed for a 25% price rise? Easy.


    • I remember reading a comment from @Zander (Lifehacker user) on the Primus pricing…

      Assuming 1 GB = 1000 MB for simplicity’s sake:

      15 GB = 15,000 MB
      15,000 * 8 = 120,000 Mbits
      120,000 ÷ 100 Mbits/s = 1200 seconds
      1200 ÷ 60 = 20 minutes

      So you only get 20 minutes of full-speed downloading per month.
      $50 ÷ 20 mins = $2.5 per minute.

      At the moment I’m getting 200GB for $80, and while I’m not getting anywhere near 100Mbs, if I was, I assume that I would be downloading more than I am now (BTW, I’m not using all 200GB).

      Because of this, frankly none of these deals speak value to me because I’m sure I would hit any of these caps with faster download speeds, and unless the mainland prices are cheaper I won’t be switching anytime soon.

  • I’m on iiNet’s Business 4 plan and pay $129.95 for roughly 11Mbps download, 1.6Mbps upload (which is an important factor for me) and 100GB of data per month.

    So for the same price I’d get about 9x the download speed, 5x the upload speed AND an extra 20GB of data… yes please!

  • Ah… Looking at the pricing

    Firstly theres a typo in the Plan cost (there are 2 49.95’s) – also Primus’s pricing is BETTER. They have 39.95 for 15gb. and $129 for 300 vs iinet – 159 for 180!!!

  • I’m assuming there’s a typo in there for Fibre 2… for the same price you’re getting double the data than you get on Fibre 1. Might want to clarify that one!

    I’d pay for that if I could get it. Same amount of data but streaks ahead of what I currently get in terms of speed. I’m in metro Brisbane and stuck on ADSL(1)!

  • I think that’s pretty good pricing considering. It’s a little higher then perhaps traditional services but for the speed increase, I think it’s justified. For the every day home user those bottom two plans ($49.95) are great value considering they’re probably paying about the same amount now.

  • I get 20Mbps,50Gb+70Gb for $59.00/month.

    So, I’ll stick with Optus Cable for now.
    Of course, I don’t live in Tasmania, so
    my choices are different.

  • I’m only paying $50 for 120GB/month (50/70) now (admittedly ADSL is considerably slower than NBN fibre). So even with the extra $30/month for phone it’s still way cheaper than iiNet’s equivalent Fibre 6 offering.

    They’ll all have to do a lot better than this when the NBN comes to the big smoke.

  • NBN is too expensive for the common man.

    Rudd is a loser.

    Apparently those BOB routers are completely unreliable junk. No thanks.

    I’ll admit there are some fast speeds there though.

  • Upon actually looking at the plans on iinets website, a few things to note:
    – uploads are counted (welcome to 2000)
    – you get shaped to an attrocious 64/128kbps which in my past experience with plans that shape to that kind of speed its pretty much unusable.

    In contrast, I pay $50 for 130gb (70/60) , shaped to 1Mbps TPG, + $22 line rental. I get 14Mbps down and 0.9Mbps up.

    Value aside, I don’t have an issue with the speeds I get, however I would love more dl quota. So for people with access to adsl2+, this seems like a big step backwards.


    iNet are by far, the worst internet company i have ever been with. I am experiencing 0.54Mbps download and 0.19Mbps Upload. The connection isn’t stable as it would sometimes drop down to 0.1Mbps download and speed up to 2Mbps. iiNet Obviously limits their speed as even DoDo is faster. And that’s DODO.

    Please don’t respond iiNet and tell me what the issue is because most of the time, the customer knows more than the staff.

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