mind hacks

Ask A Novel, Interesting Question To Remember Names And Introductions

Behaviour expert Jon Levy has a neat trick to remember people’s names and how they first met. Upon being introduced, he seeks to create a memorable moment, usually by asking a question that will have a unique response.

Write About A Situation Objectively To Stop Overanalysing It 

Many of us have a bad habit of analysing a social situation to death. Maybe it’s a job interview question you bombed. Maybe you stuck your foot in your mouth with a friend. Whatever the scenario, writing about it can help you stop overthinking.

Remember What Money Can't Change To Cope With Financial Stress

When you’re in debt or just trying to break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle, the thought of money can be stressful. Yes, it helps to come up with a financial plan. But if you start to feel down about your finances in the meantime, it might help to think about the ways in which your life is the same with or without money.

Take A Risk When You Have A Shot, Rather Than Waiting Until You're Sure

No one wants to take a risk and fail. We all have an instinct to wait until something is a sure thing before taking the leap. However, that hesitancy can lead to missing out. Instead, take the risk once you’re sure you have a decent chance of succeeding.

Junk Doesn't Become Worth Something Just Because It's Free

“Why not? It’s free.” These two sentences can spell doom for your garage, closet and junk drawer. We all love free stuff. Even if it’s something we didn’t want before, we’re tempted to get it if it’s free. But that doesn’t make it worth something.

Get Into A Money-Saving Mindset By Shifting Your Outlook On Experiences

It’s easy to get stuck thinking that you need to spend money to do something worthwhile. With the right perspective, however, saving money can actually open up more experiences to you.

Only Respond To Commitments With Either 'No' Or 'Hell Yes'

It’s easy to over fill your schedule if you’re not careful. Committing to something you’re not enthusiastic about is a quick way to get overwhelmed. The next time you’re considering whether to add something to your schedule, if your answer isn’t along the lines of “Hell yeah!” then say “No”.

To Enjoy An Experience More, Pay In Advance

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but what you spend it on can affect your satisfaction. Beyond that, how you pay has an impact on your happiness too. To get the most out of something you spend money on, it helps to pay for it in advance.

How To Help Your Kids Survive The Cruellest Lessons Of Childhood

We adults tend to look at kids with a sort of envy: Wouldn’t it be nice to be carefree, have summers off and enjoy your youth again? We forget that growing up also means going through many painful realisations. To refresh our memories, here are a few lessons we’ll have to help our kids through.

Think Of Yourself In The Third Person To Minimise Self-Doubt

You spend a lot more time with yourself than anyone else. That gives you more chances to find flaws. If you find yourself wrestling with too much self-doubt, try phrasing your internal thoughts in the third person.