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Jim Carrey On Why You Shouldn't Fear Failure

In a recent commencement address at the Maharishi University of Management, actor and comedian Jim Carrey spoke about failure, fear and why you should pursue something that you love.

Memorise Complex Sequences (Like Passwords) With Spaced Repetiton

It can be difficult memorising so many passwords and phone numbers. A recent experiment presented at the Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security explains an easy method for branding them into your brain.

Stay Flexible In Your Habit Changes To Make Them Stick

If you’re trying to change a habit, the first time you break the chain you may feel as if you’ve failed. Stay flexible to get back and keep the habit going.

Take An Appreciation Break To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Throughout the day, life bombards us with everything we do wrong and it takes its toll on our self-esteem. Try to fit in an appreciation break during the day to help regain some balance. Over at Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life, they suggest taking two minutes to focus on what you did right.

If You Can't Decide Between Buying Two Things, Consider Neither

When you’re trying to be a careful shopper, comparing two similar products is a given. Sometimes, though, if you’re having a tough time deciding which one you actually want, the best decision might be to just save your money.

Top 10 Mind Hacks To Help You Save More Money

You already know the common strategies for saving money: Automatically set aside a portion of your pay, stick to a budget, plan your purchases and so on. But there are also simple (if surprising) psychology tricks that can help us save even more. Here are ten such mind hacks.

If You Still Can't Justify A Purchase Three Days Later, Return It

We all know what it’s like to have buyer’s remorse. The moments leading up to a purchase are filled with justifications, biases, and rationalisations. If you’re still wrestling with the decision a few days later, take back whatever it is you bought.

The Biggest Pitfalls Of Long-Term Goals (And How To Beat Them)

If you set your mind to it, you can achieve most short-term goals, such as losing weight in a few months. Future targets are much more difficult to wrap your head around, such as where you see yourself three years down the line. Before you establish these long-term goals, it’s good to know what pitfalls you can expect and mentally prepare for them.

Resolve Conflicts Quickly By Deciding If They're Hot Or Cold First

Conflict resolution isn’t an exact science. However, over on Harvard Business Review, author Mark Gerzon suggests that if you can differentiate between a hot and cold conflict, you can resolve them a lot quicker.

Boost Happiness By Remembering All Good Things Must End

Practising gratitude is one of the surefire ways to increase your happiness. But just thinking grateful thoughts might not be enough. One study suggests we should focus on the imminent end of the things we’re grateful for — to boost our happiness and enhance our gratitude.