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Use The Three P's To Defeat Your Inner Critic And Think Positively

How you talk to yourself inside your head can have a huge impact on how you act in real life. If you’re the type who struggles with an overly critical inner voice, you can try to change your habits with the three P’s.

If You Wouldn't Buy It At Full Price, You Probably Don't Need It

Everyone loves a good deal, but on-sale items have a way of tricking us into spending more than we planned. One way to curb impulsive buying: Consider if you’d pay full price for the item.

Resist Nostalgia To Improve Your Outlook For The Future

Nostalgia is a tricky feeling. Sometimes, it brings us exciting new Star Wars movies. Other times it brings us yet another damn Transformers film. For your own life, nostalgia for the old days can feel nice, but it can also hold you back from improving your future.

How To Stop Overplanning (Even If You're A Perfectionist)

When done well, daily and weekly planning rituals can help you travel gracefully through life in a peaceful, intentional manner. But sometimes, over-planning your activities can make you a neurotic, stressed-out person who feels like you would have been better off if you hadn’t planned anything in the first place.

Admit You're Anxious To Your Audience To Help Alleviate The Stress

Getting nervous is unavoidable. Whether it’s during a presentation, on a date, or meeting someone new, feeling anxious is going to happen. To help deal with your anxiety, admit it to your audience.

The Best Mindfulness Apps Ranked In One Chart

A growing body of research reveals that practising mindfulness offers a number of benefits. With at least 700 mobile apps that claim to help you be more mindful, picking one isn’t easy. A new study, however, sorted through hundreds of mindfulness apps and ranked them according to their features.

The Charisma Myth: Practical Advice On Becoming More Likeable

Charisma, that irresistible magnetism some people possess, is often thought of as trait you’re born with — you either have it or you don’t. In The Charisma Myth, however, author Olivia Fox Cabane explains that charisma is a skill you can learn, and she explains exactly how with examples, exercises and practical tips you can try with anyone.

The Dumb Things I've Caught Myself Doing After Moving To A New City

Moving to a new city can throw your whole life into disarray, and all you want to do is replace that familiar routine you used to have. After my most recent move, I found myself falling into some traps that kept me from really settling in.

You're More Persuasive Than You Think, So Don't Be Afraid To Speak Up

Some of us don’t bother asking for things because we don’t think it will make much of a difference. If you’re afraid to speak up because you don’t think you’re terribly persuasive, you’re probably not giving yourself enough credit.

This Video Explains Why Too Much Optimism Can Actually Ruin Your Goals

You don’t always have to be so optimistic about everything because there’s actually a lot of power in negative thinking. This video explains why being too optimistic about your future goals might actually hamper them instead of help them.

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