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The Scientific Reasons Why Introverts And Extroverts Are Different

The difference between introverts and extroverts isn’t as important as we make it out to be. As this video explains, though, there are some scientific reasons why some lean more towards one end of this spectrum or the other.

Practise Mindfulness With A Daily Check-in

Mindfulness is a powerful habit that can help you deal with big things, like sticking to your goals or defusing tension with your partner. It can also be useful on a daily level to improve your health, but only if you practise it. Here’s one daily approach.

How To Deal With A Manipulative Coworker

At one of my first “real” jobs, I was on a project with a group of workers who were notoriously manipulative. I buddied up with someone who seemed easygoing, though. During a meeting, our boss asked her why one of her tasks didn’t get done. My easygoing friend flat-out blamed it on me. It was my first experience with a manipulative coworker and it was not fun.

Six Things I Wish I Knew Before Coming Out

Coming out of the closet — that is, revealing your non-heterosexuality to others — can elicit a variety of reactions from great to horrible. Every time you do it, you’re likely to learn at least one thing you wish you knew beforehand. Save yourself some trouble and learn from my mistakes.

Ask LH: How Can I Avoid Filler Words Like 'Um' When I Talk?

Dear Lifehacker, I have a tendency to use a lot of filler words when I talk, like “um” and “like”, and I’ve recently realised how bad it sounds, especially during presentations at work. How can I train myself to eliminate these from my speech?

15 Ways To Teach Patience And Mindfulness To Children [Infographic]

A little mindfulness goes a long way, even in adults, but the earlier you can start the habit, the better. This chart is full of ways you can help guide your children to be more mindful of their actions and surroundings, and in turn, help yourself.

Boost Your Happiness At Work By Changing The Way You Approach To-Do Lists

A straightforward to-do list might make you more productive, but it can also make your job feel tedious and boring. It’s time to start reincorporating your big goals within your to-do lists.

Stimulate Your Creativity With Weekly 'Artist Dates'

Whether you’re a writer, painter, or photographer, creativity needs to be nurtured. If you want to avoid an artist’s block, schedule yourself some time to go think and explore.

Skip The 'Power Poses' Before Big Events (Unless They Help You, Personally)

“Power poses”, or the idea that faking powerful body language reduces stress and improves your performance in a stressful situation, is a tip we’ve repeated several times. However, one of the lead researchers behind the idea has made a complete about-face, and so should we — unless, of course, it works for you.

How To Design Your Kitchen For Healthy Eating [Infographic]

In his book Slim By Design, Brian Wansink of Cornell University Food and Brand Lab talks about how the subtlest external cues can influence our tendency to eat mindlessly. He believes that with a few tweaks in your kitchen’s physical environment you can be reminded to make healthier choices more consistently.

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