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Boost Your Confidence Before A Phone Interview By Dressing Your Best

Interviewing for a job over the phone can be just as stressful as interviewing in person. You can prepare yourself mentally and get in a good mindset by dressing up like they will be right there in the room with you.

Avoid Falling For Misinformation Online By Being Your Own Devil's Advocate

Misinformation is everywhere online, and it’s easy to accept and fall for if you don’t make an effort to challenge your own beliefs from time to time. Playing your own devil’s advocate can help.

Boost Your Happiness With This Exercise You Can Do While Brushing Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth only takes a couple minutes, and so does increasing your happiness. Here’s a super easy way to train yourself to look on the bright side.

The Benefits Of Scaring Yourself For Fun

Whether it’s a roller coaster, haunted house, or horror movie, people love to scare themselves for entertainment. It might seem odd, but it turns out making yourself feel fear actually comes with some decent perks.

Cognitive Biases That Shape Our Thinking, With Examples

Critical thinking is an essential skill in our age of constant information (and misinformation), but our own subconscious biases don’t help matters much when it comes to sorting out truth from viral nonsense. This graphic outlines some of those biases, complete with examples so you understand how pervasive they can really be.

Keep Your Home Tidy With The ABC Rule

If your household is anything like mine, objects have a mysterious way of moving into the wrong rooms. Fix that constant problem by remembering ABC: Always be carrying.

Visualise How You Want Your Day To Go To Stay Focused And Productive

Visualisation techniques help elite athletes perform better, and we can do the same thing to improve our workdays.

You Don't Need To 'Feel Like' Doing Something To Start Doing It

Your productivity may flow when you’re in the zone, but it’s easy to get carried away looking for motivation. Truth is, you don’t need to feel like doing something to get it done.

Reframe Difficult Conversations In Your Mind Before You Have Them

Sometimes the hardest part about having a difficult conversation with someone is getting it started. If you need an extra nudge, reframing the conversation in your mind from a more positive perspective can help.

Start A 100-Day Challenge To Build Habits Without Overwhelming Yourself

One of the hardest parts of building new habits is the idea of leaving your old habits behind. To make it easier for yourself, make your habit into a 100-day challenge instead.

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