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'Treat Email Like Milk, Not Precious Heirlooms'

With the unlimited storage that Gmail and Outlook offer now, you might be tempted never to delete your emails. But that’s not how you get to Inbox Zero. For that, you need a change in mindset.

How To Cope With An Existential Crisis

Despite the weirdness of existence, most of us are able to get on with our lives and avoid debilitating feelings of despair, personal failure and cosmic meaninglessness. But every once in a while we’re tugged out of our complacency and forced to re-evaluate our lives. Here’s what you need to know about existential crises, and how to cope with them.

A Scientific Guide To Controling Your Anger

You’re at the park with the kids. Everyone’s having fun, and then a strange dog appears. There’s no owner around. It’s eyeballing the kids. Immediately your threat system becomes activated. You stand alert, fully focused on the dog; heart racing, fists clenched. The dog bolts in, baring its teeth, and you pounce. You’re now in survival mode, full of rage and violence.

Figure Out What You Really Love To Do With The 'Laptop Test'

You’ll find no shortage of tips from many of the most successful and powerful people on how to find your “passion”, or what you truly love to do. Here’s a simpler way: gauge how you feel about opening your laptop.

Why We Cringe At The Sound Of Our Own Voices

If you’ve ever heard your own voice played back on a recording and thought “do I really sound like that?” you’re not alone. Most of us at least cringe when we hear how we sound to others, and The Science of Us explains why, and what it says about us.

Treat Your Uninformed Critics Like You Would A Toddler

There will always be people who will try to bring you down without knowing any better. Treat them like toddlers, says author and entrepreneur Seth Godin: “Buy them a lollipop, smile and walk away.”

Thinking Cap: Gadgets To Get Organised And Daily To-Dos For A Good Life

Some useful gadgets to get and stay organised, the secret history of Mac gaming, a McDonalds and Chinese takeout mashup and some tips to live a good life — they’re all on the table in this week’s Thinking Cap.

Remember Everyone You Meet By Making Unique First Impressions

If every person you meet is given the same handshake and “how do ya’ do,” they will all start to blend together in your mind. It’s a lot easier to remember someone’s name, and who they are, if the moment you met them was more memorable itself.

Eight Ways To Reduce Stress In Under 15 Minutes [Infographic]

There are many ways to manage and reduce daily stress. Unfortunately, most of them require a significant time commitment. If you’re already overworked and struggling to keep on top of things, all that “wasted” time will leave you feeling more haggard than before. With that in mind, here are eight de-stressing techniques that only take around 15 minutes to pull off.

Why Bad Habits Form And How To Break Them [Infographic]

Unless you’re a masochist and/or sociopath, you probably don’t indulge in bad habits by choice. Instead, it’s usually something you “fell into” and can’t seem to navigate your way out of. This infographic from Vegas Extreme Skydiving explains the psychology behind bad habits along with some tried-and-trusted tips to help you break them.

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