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How To Improve Your Character Stats And Level Up In Real Life

In Dungeons & Dragons, every character has certain strengths and weaknesses, determined by their ability scores: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma. Your real-life self is made up of those abilities too, and you can level them up just like you do in-game.

The 'Paper Towel' Analogy Explains Why Weight Loss Is A Slow Process

When we try to lose weight, the process can be so agonisingly slow that you’d wonder if it’s even happening at all. With the right effort, it is, and slowness is completely normal (and better for your long-term health). Here’s a perfect analogy to keep your mindset positive and motivation high: Think of that fat like a new roll of paper towels.

How Can You Overcoming Mental Roadblocks When Writing Code?

Programming can be as fulfilling an experience as it is frustrating. While you might have all the tools and design patterns in the world, sometimes a problem can seem unsolvable, or the solution too complex and lengthy to implement and anxiety quickly builds. So what do you do when your brain gives out at a critical coding juncture?

Learn To Code Faster By Treating New Concepts Like Getting A New Toy

Learning to code is usually fun, but not always. It can be confusing and frustrating and often times boring. SitePoint offers a little mind trick to get around this: treat a new concept like you’re playing with a shiny new thing.

Don't Fear Rejection: It's Just One Person's Opinion

Most of us are adverse to rejection — we want people to like us and to be accepted. Fear of rejection could be a big barrier, however. To get over it, reconsider what you think “rejection” really means.

Keep Calm Under Pressure By Taking Action

High pressure situations wreck your nerves. If you feel like you’re starting to crack under the pressure, get back some of your control by taking action, instead of stewing in your fears.

Fitness Is A Journey, And It Doesn't Have To Suck

With every successful weight loss story, it’s hard to avoid getting hyper-focused on someone’s visual changes, or the number of pounds they lost. Unfortunately, focusing all your energy only on the end goal makes the process with health and fitness feel crappy — which makes you less likely to stay with it and find success.

Avoid 'Hedonic Adaptation' By Breaking Routines To Stay Happy

No matter what it is that makes you happy, you can get bored of it after a while. This is because of a concept known as “hedonic adaptation.” Simply put, there’s no one thing that will make you happy forever. Eventually, you get used to it and need something different. That’s why you need to break your routine.

Avoid Perfectionist Procrastination With These Two Red Flag Phrases

Perfectionism can certainly lead to procrastination and wasted work hours. These phrases can help you spot it and avoid the traps that usually come along with it.

Think About Your Alternate Reality When You Feel Like Giving Up On A Goal

Some days, the road to becoming healthier or more fit is fraught with bumps, obstacles, and confusing junctions. It might feel easier to just throw in the towel because dealing with these hazards can be such a hassle, but before you give up, try to imagine your alternate reality to renew your motivation.

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