Disconnect With A Mental Holiday Before Taking The Real Thing

The point of a holiday is to relax, but it’s hard to take your mind off work even after you leave. Our brains don’t come with a switch — they need to be primed. If all you usually think about is work, then before your next actual holiday, take a mental holiday.

Save Money On Wine At A Restaurant By Ordering From The Bin End List

If you’re out for dinner at a fancy restaurant and you want to save money where you can, ask for the restaurant’s bin end list. The bottles on that list will be a lot cheaper because the restaurant is trying to unload its inventory.

Dress Kids In Bright Matching Colours To Avoid Losing Them In A Crowd

If you’re heading somewhere very crowded, and you’d rather not lose your children there, highly visible clothing colours might help. Hint Mama contributor Karen Witham used neon yellow-green shirts for her kids — hideous, she says, but still useful in crowded areas.

Picture: martin_kelley/Flickr

Make Your Windows Type Cursor More Visible By Increasing Its Thickness

If you ever find yourself squinting at your screen, searching for your typing cursor, you might want to increase it’s thickness. Here’s how you can make that famous blinking line a little easier to see in Windows.

Video Briefly: Next-Gen Lighting, Chess: The Sequel, Flexible Smartwatch

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Battle of Endor recut, meet the guy who’s making a sequel to chess, the concept smartwatch that will blow your mind. Kick off your Friday night with the best online videos of the week!

Freebie Friday! 100% Free Apps For iOS, Android And Windows Phone

At the end of each week, we bring you a list of the latest free mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone. Deals this week include Pixel Road on Windows Phone, Easy Battery Doctor on Android and RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 on iOS. Download them all without spending a cent!

Superhero Workout Turns Your Exercise Routine Into A Story-Driven Game

iOS: Gamifying workouts is nothing new, but a new game from the developers of Zombies, Run!, Superhero Workout, changes things up. It adds an actual story to your workout, so it’s worth checking out if you’re looking to add a bit of narrative to your workouts.

What We're Spending Our IT Security Budgets On

Australian businesses will spend on $1.9 billion on information security in 2014, according to Gartner. The areas where that’s growing fastest? Privacy protection and cloud.

Run Any Macro On Your Mac Remotely From Your iOS Device

Controlling your Mac from your iPhone isn’t exactly something new, but it’s been pretty limited so far. Blogger Sayz Lim shares a post on controlling all kinds of aspects on your Mac using Keyboard Maestro, IFTTT, Dropbox, Hazel, Drafts and Launch Center Pro.

The Science Of Napping Explained [Infographic]

A quick power nap can determine the difference between staying productive and coasting through the day like a brain-dead zombie. But how much rest do you actually need to boost your energy levels? Is it possible to nap for too little or for too long? And how does REM fit into it all this? This information-packed infographic from Patio Productions explains all.