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Salt Crust Beetroot For Savoury, Tender And Flavorful Salads

Beetroot salad may not sound super exciting, but swapping out raw beetroot for super tender, savoury, salt-crusted ones ups the flavour factor and makes for a super tasty, not at all boring salad.

How To Watch This Week's Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower In Australia

At approximately 12am tonight, the Delta Aquarid meteor shower will begin to light up the Australian skies. The celestial event will be visible with the naked eye thanks to mostly clear skies across the continent. Here’s what you need to know.

How White, Pink And Brown Noise Help You Sleep And Focus

You might find it hard to focus when it’s too quiet. As this video from SciShow explains, that’s because when it’s quiet, a single sound is accentuated, diverting your attention. White noise can help with that, and there are other colours of noises, too, depending on the frequency.

These Practical Uses For A Whipping Siphon Go Way Beyond Whipped Cream

Whipping siphons tools that seem best for fancy restaurant chefs. I appreciate everything you can do with them, but I’m not topping my weeknight dinner with a smoked salmon espuma. I’m interested in how it can help me speed things up, particularly infusions. Here’s are some clever ways you can put one to use at home.

Briefly: Cheap LG 4K TV, Mystery Ocean Blob, Bachelor Recap

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get $1200 off an LG 4K TV, scientists discover a mysterious purple blob at the bottom of the ocean,the case against Netflix binge watching.

Don't Forget To Account For Upcoming Estimated Taxes In Your Emergency Fund 

Money experts don’t agree on the particulars of emergency funds, but just about everyone agrees you should save for emergencies. Nobel Prize winner and “father of modern portfolio theory” Harry Markowitz offers his rule of thumb for setting aside cash for emergencies.

Reminder: Microsoft's Free Windows 10 Upgrade Offer Ends Tomorrow

Still haven’t upgraded your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 device to Microsoft’s latest OS? You might want to pull your finger out asap. On July 29, the free upgrade will no longer be offered. We take a look at what you should consider before upgrading.

Use Dice And A Deck Of Cards To Get A Different, Fun Workout Anytime, Anywhere

When going to the gym isn’t an option or you’re just not feeling up to doing your normal bodyweight routine, roll with this novel, spontaneous workout from Muscle and Strength instead, minimal equipment needed. You’ll need a die and a deck of cards.

For A Better Selection, Shop IKEA's As-Is Section On A Monday

Forget the maze, IKEA’s as-is section is where it’s at. You can find excellent deals on returned merchandise, and you’ll do well to hit the section up on a Monday.

How True To Life Is Mr Robot?

Mr Robot is a fictional TV drama following the life and times of security engineer, hacker and cyber-vigilante Elliot Alderson. The show has won plaudits for turning hacktivism and cybersecurity into exciting television — but is any of it accurate? During a recent Reddit AMA, Kasperksy Lab’s Costin Raiu weighed in on the authenticity of the show. Read on for his opinion.

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