Release A Muscle Cramp Instantly By Contracting The Opposite Muscle

Ever have a calf cramp wake you up in the middle of the night, or knock you down in the middle of a workout? There’s a way to send that cramping, spasming muscle a signal to relax: contract the opposite muscle.

When Facebook Falls, The Internet Trembles

Phones picture from Shutterstock

Checking social networks is a morning ritual for many, and when that routine is disrupted — as it was recently when Facebook’s servers went down — its absence can come as a surprise. But what also becomes apparent is that when the world’s most popular social network is inaccessible, so too are many thousands of websites that rely upon Facebook services.

Reflector Mirrors Your iOS Screen To A Mac, PC Or Android Device

Windows/Mac/Android: If you want to show off your iPhone or iPad screen, typically you need an Apple TV. Reflector puts your iOS screen on a Mac, PC or Android device by acting as an AirPlay receiver.

Change Where Screenshots Are Saved On Your Mac With A Terminal Command

Mac: Taking a screenshot on a Mac is easy, but if you take them often, having them littered across your desktop is a pain. You could use a third-party app to redirect where they’re saved for you, or even upload them to the cloud, but if you don’t need all that, this terminal command will save them anywhere you choose.

BattleHack 2015 Comes To An End In Melbourne

24 hours of programming with a chance to win $US100,000. Doesn’t sound too bad if you think you have the skills to compete. This is the core of BattleHack, a global marathon coding competition run by PayPal where teams or individuals come up with interesting uses for the payment provider’s various online services.

Try Writing For Meditation If Sitting Still Isn't Working For You

Meditation has loads of benefits, and you can do it many ways. Many practices focus on sitting still, but you can also meditate while writing.

Has Oracle Put VirtualBox Into Maintenance Mode?

I’ve jumped between various virtual machines over the years — Virtual PC was my go-to choice until Microsoft stopped supporting it and my needs grew beyond Windows emulation. These days VirtualBox and VMWare Player do the job, but a lack of major updates to the former could see the Oracle-owned VM left on the sidelines.

Learn About Every Pasta Type There Is With This Massive Infographic

There are a a lot of different types of pasta. With this comprehensive visual encyclopedia, you can learn about every different pasta type, size, best preparation methods, and the right types of sauces to go along with it.

Twine Lets You Create 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Stories With Ease

Contemplated writing your own “choose your own adventure” or text-based game but thought it would be too difficult? Free storytelling tool Twine makes it a piece of cake.

Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Monitor, The Screen You Stare At All Day

Many of us are stuck behind our desk and computer all day long, which makes the hardware we use quite important. Let’s give some more thought to our monitors, with these ten tips for getting the most out of those screens.