How The Last Two Digits Of A Price Can Show You're Desperate To Sell

Trying to set the price to sell something on eBay or Gumtree? The last two digits could matter a lot more than you realise, as Joshua Gans from the University of Toronto explains.

The Best Way To Shuffle And Randomise A Deck Of Playing Cards

The whole point of shuffling a deck of cards is to randomise the order of them. For the best results, you need to give the deck at least seven basic rifle shuffles.

This Infographic Teaches You How To Grow Dozens Of Vegetables

Since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has been growing food to stave off hunger. While most of us go to a store for this now, growing your own food can be as rewarding as it is delicious. If you’re not sure where to start, this chart will give you all the essential info.

Here's How You Purge The DNS Cache In OS X Yosemite

Sometimes operating system updates change the way you go about things, particularly certain maintenance tasks. OS X is no exception, with the most recent build of the platform, Yosemite, making the task of clearing DNS caches different to previous versions.

Avoid IKEA Stress By Shopping For Extras And Major Purchases Separately

Everyone knows that a trip to IKEA (or any oversized furniture store) is a stress test for a relationship. To avoid breaking up over a heated discussion about rugs, IKEA spokesperson Janice Simonsen suggests dividing your trip into two parts: major purchases and accessories.

Cmder, A Beautiful, Functional And Portable Windows Console

Despite increasingly fancy GUIs, the humble Windows command line remains available when other options fail. If you’re still a frequent user of the old console, Cmder is a more powerful and better-looking alternative that’s well worth a try.

Make No-Knead Pizza With The Help Of Your Food Processor And Freezer

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially homemade pizza. If you find making the dough a bit of a pain, check out this super-simple method.

Type 'Note To Self' Into Google To Send Notes To Your Phone

Yesterday, Google announced a feature that allows you to send directions to your Android phone directly from a search box. What wasn’t announced is that you can also use “note to self” to send a reminder directly to your notification shade.

Top 10 Mistakes We Make When Supermarket Shopping (And How To Fix Them)

Shopping at the supermarket is one of those universal chores most of us could do better at. Here are ten common mistakes at the supermarket — and how to avoid them.

Make a Good First Impression By Assuming Someone Already Likes You

First impressions can be a lot of pressure. The goal is usually to get the other person to like you, and being nervous can have the opposite effect. For a calm, warmer first impression, assume the person already likes you.