Transform A Plain Door Into A Beautiful Panelled One

Typical hollow core doors are cheap, and look cheap. You can get the look of a beautiful panalled door with just a small investment in paint and plywood.

Tigerair Is Now Offering Regular Discounted Airfares Every Saturday

Getting a good deal on an airfare is never unwelcome — as long as you’re on top of all the conditions. If you don’t mind its stingy carry-on limits, Tigerair has just launched a new campaign, offering cheap domestic tickets every Saturday afternoon.

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered Weather Station

DIY weather stations are a cool way to monitor the weather in your area. Instructables user kkingsbury shows off how you can build your own, powered by a Raspberry Pi.

Turns Out Those 'Game Boosters' Aren't Worth Running

Squeezing more juice from your hardware is an ever-present task for the dedicated PC gamer. A number of companies, including Razer, Wise and IOBit, have tossed their hats into the ring with so-called “game boosters”, which boast the ability to speed up your system automatically for the tasks of slaying dragons or shooting terrorists. But do they actually do anything?

This Chart Shows How Much Food To Serve When Cooking For A Crowd

One of the toughest parts of hosting a party or other large gathering is figuring out the food. There’s a calculator for wine and other alcohol tips, but how much should you purchase of specific types of foods?

Prevent Natural Fibre Sweaters From Shedding By Freezing Them

If you have a natural fibre sweater, you’ve probably noticed it occasionally sheds or pills. To prevent this from happening, try freezing it.

Top 10 Smart Ways To Organise And Upgrade Your Garage

The garage is often a neglected, messy space. With a little organisation and a few handy projects, though, we can get much more use out of our garages and also modernise them. Here are our top 10 garage upgrade ideas.

Double Your Next Batch Of Rice Or Quinoa For A Lazy Meal Starter Later

The next time you make rice — or quinoa or couscous or any other base grain — make twice as much as you need. The excess stores well in the fridge, and makes a quick and easy base for rice bowls, hearty salads, fried rice or any other quick “I don’t know what to make” meal.

Stay Safe And Avoid Damaging Your Lawnmower By Walking The Route First

Rocks, toys and sticks can wreak havoc on your lawnmower’s blades, and can also be a danger to you. Taking some time to check the lawnmower’s path will save you a lot of trouble.

Clean Your Electric Kettle With Citric Acid Powder

Some electric kettles have narrow openings that make it difficult to get a scrubbing brush inside. Fortunately, you can get them clean with some boiling water and a little citric acid powder.