Resist The Urge To Check The Clock For A Better Night's Sleep

Everyone wakes up in the middle of the night, and it’s natural to glance at the clock or reach out for your phone to check the time. One sleep expert suggests you’ll get a better night’s sleep if you avoid checking how long is left until you have to get up.

The Flag-Filled Workspace

Flickr user Terry Landers sure likes flags… and monitors. His workspace is set up so there are screens and flags everywhere.

Six 30-Day Challenges To Help You Learn More And Form Lasting Habits

Thirty-day challenges are a great way to force yourself to take on new skills. You can form lasting good habits and find out more about yourself in general. Plus, at just 30 days long, you don’t have much to lose.

Visual Studio Gets Official C# Unity Debugging... At The Cost Of Two Other Languages

Microsoft regularly operates in mysterious ways (Windows 8, anyone?) with one of its more intriguing — and recent — manoeuvres being the acquisition of SyntaxTree. The company is best known for UnityVS, a Visual Studio extension that allows developers to debug games created with Unity 3D in Redmond’s popular IDE. A month after SyntaxTree’s integration into the mothership, Microsoft has released an updated version of UnityVS, renaming it to “Visual Studio Tools for Unity” (VSTU), while also removing the $US99+ price tag.

Build Your Own 16-Button MIDI Controller With An Arduino

DIY musical instruments are a whole different ball game. If you’re looking for a place to start, Adafruit has a guide to building your own MIDI controller using an Arduino.

Troubleshoot A Misbehaving Windows Install With The GEGeek Tech Toolkit

Linux-based system recovery distros are arguably the best bet when it comes to sorting out a computer issue where the operating system isn’t playing nice, regardless of whether it’s from Microsoft, Apple or the world of open-source. That said, Windows is the usual suspect, though not always because it won’t boot; sometimes, you just need to run a few troubleshooting programs to diagnose and repair. Which ones? The GEGeek Tech Toolkit takes care of the selection process by providing you with basically everything.

This Chart Explains What Went Wrong With Your Cake

If you’re learning to bake or just trying out a new recipe, it can be hard figuring out exactly why your cake failed. This handy chart will tell you why your cake ended up with cracks and browned edges, or why it has a runny texture.

The Easiest Way To Remove A Broken Construction Nail

When you’re building something or doing repairs, you might come across a broken nail that needs to be removed. There’s an easy way to do it, and all you need is a pair of vice grips and a hammer.

Use Canned Responses To Create Multiple Email Signatures In Gmail

One of the downsides to a default email signature is that you have to manually change it each time. Give yourself a little more flexibility with canned responses instead.

Last App Switcher Switches Between Your Last Two Apps With A Tap

On your TV remote, you probably have a button that lets you switch back and forth between two channels. Last App Switcher works in the same way for the two most recently used apps on your Android handset.