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Lookback Options: Our Nine Favourite Posts From Last Week

We post a lot of articles here at Lifehacker. Even if you visit the site on a daily basis, there are bound to be a few stories that slip by your radar. Lookback Options collects nine highlights from the week that was. Click on the headlines to see the stories you missed out on!

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence By Watching Great Television Dramas

Who says watching TV can’t be good for you? A recent study suggests that watching top notch television dramas like Mad Men and The Good Wife can help you develop your emotional intelligence and empathy.

Boxes 2 For iOS Lists And Organizes All Your Stuff, Lets You Sell It All If You Want

iPhone: Have a lot of junk sitting around your house? Boxes is an app that will help you organise all that junk and sell it if you want to.

Burner, The Disposable Phone Number App, Updates With Plugins And Premium Numbers

iOS: Burner, the app that lets you generate disposable numbers for dating sites, selling stuff online, or anything else you’d need private calls or texts for, just unveiled a new version with some third-party plugins and premium offerings that are worth a look.

Firefox, Chrome Now Consider Kickass Torrents An Unsafe Website

Popular torrent aggregator Kickass Torrents appears to have fallen foul of Mozilla and Google, with the site now flagged as suspicious by both companies.

Drunk Mode Helps You Stay Safe When You've Had One Too Many

Android/iOS: When you go out drinking with friends, there’s often a moment in which you realise you’ve had one too many: your judgement is impaired and driving is not an option. Drunk Mode can help you stay responsible when you reach this point.

Mozilla To Follow Google's Decision To Dump Core API For Flash, Java & Silverlight

There was a time when browsers needed a little help to deliver decent multimedia content, but we’re fast leaving those days behind. For proof, look no further to Google and now Mozilla’s decision to cut the ancient Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI), the core API that allows plugins such as Flash and Silverlight to operate.

Treat Leftover Pasta Water Like Seasoning For Your Sauce

You probably know already to save some of that water when you drain freshly cooked pasta: It’s full of starches that make a rich, flavorful sauce. What you may not know is that salty water packs quite a punch, so if your sauce needs some salt, add it in the form of your pasta water.

Overcast Goes Free, Improves Streaming, Adds Chapter Support, And More

iPhone: Overcast is one of the best podcast apps on iOS and now it’s a lot better. Not only is it totally free, it also got a big update to add chapter support, more streaming options, and more.

All The Stuff iCloud Syncs Besides The Obvious

We all know that iCloud syncs up items like photos, contacts, reminders, calendar events, and iMessage conversations, but chances are you’ve noticed that it also syncs up a few other little things. Finer Things in Tech is putting together a list of those unexpected synced items.

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