Spotify Family Lets You Share Your Account With Others

Streaming music service Spotify works on a one-account-per-user principle: if you sign in on a second device, the first one stops playing. If you want to be able to share your account, the new Spotify Family option offers that — but you’ll pay more for the privilege.

Train Yourself To Be A More Authentic Person By Keeping A Journal

Authenticity can be tough to develop in a world of quick meetings and email. One way to help you get better at being authentic is journalling about your encounters.

Bounce Back From A Failure With A 'Deep Tissue Post-Mortem'

We all fail but sometimes it’s hard to recover from it. Consultant Ashley Good suggests looking inward after a failure and doing a “deep tissue post-mortem”.

Break Through A Productivity Wall By Cleaning Your Work Space

If you’re having a hard to time breaking through a productivity barrier, taking a few minutes to clean your work space can help clear your mind and rid yourself of distractions.

Briefly: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review, Free Online Courses, How To Lose Belly Fat

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Get $250 worth or Udemy online courses for free, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 reviewed, the science of losing belly fat.

Avoid Losing Stuff In Hotel Rooms By Laying Out A Towel As A Home Base

The unfamiliar environment of a hotel room makes it easy to misplace important stuff like your keys, wallet or phone. Keep it all organised by laying a hand towel on a convenient surface and make a habit of placing all important items in this one spot.

Be A 'Disgruntled Moviegoer' To Scam Free Tickets

These days, a trip to the cinema can cost up to $30 per person — and that’s if you go easy on the snack bar and veto 3-D. For those sick of paying exorbitant ticket prices, here’s an almost foolproof ploy to score two movie screenings for the price of one. (Note: Some “acting” may be required.)

Lessons From Doctor Who: 'Scared Is A Super Power'

Mindfulness teaches us that our physical reactions don’t need to reflect our mental states. We can’t ignore our heart racing, but we can choose our reaction. A recent episode of Doctor Who explains this lesson well.

Want A Job At Google? Learn MATLAB

Google remains one of the most desirable tech employers, and we’ve covered tricks for getting hired there in the past. One potential entry point? Bone up on statistics and learn MATLAB.

So It's Cut And Dried That Cut And Dry Is Wrong

Cut and dried is a useful expression for conveying that something is fixed and (for most purposes) unarguable. If you get it wrong and write cut and dry, an argument will undoubtedly happen.