The Best Third-Party Keyboards For iOS 8

Now that iOS 8 is here, it’s brought with it heaps of third-party keyboards that offer features that Apple’s built-in keyboard doesn’t. From better predictive text to cloud syncing and swipe-to-type, there are several to choose from, including some names you’ll recognise. Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

Disconnect Mobile Blocks Malicious Ads And Malware On Your Smartphone

Android/iOS: Disconnect, one of our favourite privacy-protecting browser tools, has a mobile app that keeps you safe on your smartphone as well. Disconnect Mobile blocks malicious ads that track your activities, blocks malware disguised as ads, and offers protection against suspected malware sites.

Buy Monochromatic Outfits To Dress Better On A Tight Budget

Dressing on a budget and looking good at the same time isn’t an easy task, but it’s not impossible either. Stretch your budget by focusing on some core, monochrome outfits.

Make Space For Big Decisions By Limiting The Small Ones

Big decisions can be daunting. Pick the Brain says to reserve more energy for big decisions by making fewer small ones.

How To Solve The 'Where Should We Eat?' Argument Once And For All

It’s a timeless, exhausting and frustrating struggle. You’re with a friend or your significant other and you’re both so hungry you start to wonder what the other person would taste like with a little mustard. Before resorting to murder and cannibalism, try one of these tricks.

The 'Secret' To Coming Up With Great Ideas Is Showing Up

Psst. Want to know how creative geniuses come up with their great ideas and masterpieces? The answer isn’t luck.

How Effective Different Forms Of Birth Control Are Over Time

When you’re deciding what form of birth control to use, it’s important to go over all of your options. When comparing, you may want to consider how effective one form will be over extended periods of time.

Villy Recommends The Best Areas And Hotels Based On Travel Preferences

Thinking of visiting a new city sometime soon? Villy wants to simplify the hotel-hunting process by recommending the best neighbourhoods and hotels, according to your interests.

Avoid An Income Plateau By Ditching Your Comfort Zone

Earning more is a big part of building wealth. points out that many people become comfortable with their income and stop trying to strive for more. To avoid an income plateau, ditch your comfort zone.

Video Briefly: Destiny Farming Tips, New Hunger Games Trailer, Ferrari F40 Stunts

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Watch the latest Hunger Games: Mockingjay trailer, Destiny farming guide, Ferrari F40 in action.