Why You Might Want A Beer Cellar In Your Basement

Most people have heard of cellaring wine, but have you considered cellaring beer? It’s actually a fairly common practise among beer lovers, and The Kitchn’s Casey Barber explains how — and why — you might consider starting your own.

Ask LH: Are My Long Network Cables Slowing Me Down?

Hey Lifehacker, Cable question: Currently I am using a 7-foot Cat 5e cable from the router to the ethernet wall jack in the bedroom upstairs. I want to use a 100-foot cord. I need to run it out the upstairs window, across the porch roof and down into the window on the main floor into my office. We lease, so drilling holes and feeding it downstairs is not an option. The room where it is now is directly above the room it needs to feed into. What I’m wondering is: does longer cable equal slower speed?

Lessons About AWS

It’s almost a given that after completing a major project that you’ll wish you had done something differently. A recent post by Rich Adams at Weblinks covers a bunch of rookie errors and advanced options that will help you optimise your AWS deployment.

CallWho Widget Adds Contextual Shortcuts To Your Frequent Contacts

Android: You probably have a handful of contacts that you call more often than the others, and usually at predictable times. CallWho learns who you call and when, then adds those contacts to a handy widget.

Engage In Creative Tasks Outside Work To Boost Job Performance

Creative work is not only good for getting yourself out of a bad mood, but doing so outside of the office can boost your on-the-job performance. This is according to a new study by psychologist Kevin Eschleman of San Francisco State University.

[Blink] Immediately Starts Video Recording So You Don't Miss Moments

iOS: The time between taking your smartphone out, finding and launching the camera app, and then hitting record can result in you losing the moment you want to capture. [Blink] saves you that time by immediately filming on launch.

Do Something Personally Rewarding, Not Productive, For Happy Commutes

A long and tiring commute can eat into your productivity, but that doesn’t mean you should try to be productive while commuting. Instead, do something that makes you happy, says says productivity coach Hillary Rettig.

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Travelling Tunes Uses Customisable Gestures To Control Your Music

iPhone: Looking at your phone when you’re trying to drive is hard enough as it is, but changing a music selection is even tougher. Travelling Tunes is a music app that uses gestures to make it easy to move between tracks.

Ask LH: How Should I Handle A Second Job From Overseas?

Hey Lifehacker, I recently was lucky enough to land a contractor job as a remote QA tester for a company in Canada. My questions are to do with tax. I will be paid for the hours I put into this job on top of my normal income. What forms will I need to fill out? And will I be able claim the costs of my consoles, home internet connection and other expenses associated with it?

Add A 'Move To iTunes' Option To OS X With A Finder Service

Mac: Dragging files into iTunes isn’t an efficient process since you still have to delete what you add, but iTunes has an often-forgotten feature that automatically adds and sorts music for you. To speed that up even more, The Instructional shows off how to add a right-click option to add a file to iTunes.