Wear Your Bike Helmet Right (Not Like This Kid)

It’s a legal requirement to wear a helmet when cycling — so wear it right. If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, you can end up with a preventable injury.

Reduce Your Email Workload With The 'Three-Email Rule'

You can be a lot more productive when you have to spend less time explaining things over email. By setting a limit on how many times you’re willing to discuss something over email, you can reduce your workload and avoid any miscommunication.

Briefly: Pac-Man Meets Crossy Road, Samsung T1 Portable SSD

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including Crossy Road’s developers tackling Pac-Man and Samsung’s new portable SSD.

Make A Folding Extension Cord Organiser For Easy Storage

There are a lot of great ways to manage your extension cords, but this DIY build can fold up to save space and help you keep your workshop organised.

Run Smarter, Not Faster: How To Find Your 'Gears' For Better Workouts

Runners like to focus on getting faster, but especially if you’re new to running, you might be missing a key part of your training: learning to run slower, too. You need several “gears” in slow, medium, and fast speeds to get the most out of different types of workouts (and perform better in races).

The Marvel Comics Home Screen

Just in case you weren’t satisfied with Marvel in every movie theatre, news feed and piece of merchandise on the planet, this design puts classic comics from the superhero behemoth right on your home screen.

The Best Way To Approach The 'What Motivates You?' Interview Question

There are a lot of questions you should expect in an interview, but sometimes the questions are so broad you don’t know how to answer them on the spot. A little self-reflection before your interview can prepare you for one of the most open-ended questions you might run into.

Clear Your Mind Before Bed By Promising To Return To Your Thoughts Later

It’s hard to fall asleep when your mind is going full speed, but you can clear your head of ideas and worries by cutting a deal with yourself.

Hide Valuables In A Hollow LED Candle

We’ve shown you lots of ways to hide things in plain sight. Most LED candles are hollow, so they’re just begging to be filled with goodies, and are definitely not a hiding place people are likely to stumble across.

Avoid Fighting Over Who Does The Dishes By Making It A Competition

Doing the dishes is a simple chore, but for some reason, nobody ever wants to tackle it. By making it a competition with something at stake, everyone in the household might want to make an effort.