How To Correctly Refer To People With Disability

For those considerate souls who are interested in referring to people with disability in a modern, acceptable way, the People With Disability organisation has released a document which makes things easy by laying out some clear guidelines. It’s called the Guide to Reporting Disability, but obviously it’s not limited to reporters.

Google Made Bits And Pieces Of Its Web Design Freely Available To Use

For those making a webpage, either for a personal blog, small business, or something similar, Google just made your job a lot easier. Now you can pinch some of Google’s code for specific website elements for use in your own projects.

We Optimise Our Products, Why Not Our Culture?

As part of the Game Outcomes Project, developers were surveyed about conditions in their workplaces for completed projects in game creation. Part two of the project’s published analysis looks at regular dysfunctions that teams have, as understood by management theory, and aspects around teamwork have a very clear positive correlation with success.

Elevator Pitch: Expert360

Elevator Pitch is a regular feature on Lifehacker where we profile startups and new companies and pick their brains for entrepreneurial advice. This week, we’re talking with Bridget Loudon from Expert360.

How To Improve Your Photos And Videos With Affordable Lighting

The big difference between good looking photos and video and bad ones comes down to how well things are lit. Whether you’re an amateur photographer building a home studio or a budding YouTube star, here are some simple tricks for casting the right light without spending a fortune on professional equipment.

Time Management Tips From The Busiest Person I Know

I asked the busiest person I know how he manages his time, and stays motivated, despite running a demanding business, raising two kids, continuing university, and presumably attempting to maintain some sort of social life. This is what he said.

Ask LH: How Can I Prepare Myself For Extreme Food And Sleep Deprivation?

Hey Lifehacker, I’m about to go on an extreme exercise regime unlike anything I’ve ever tried before. It involves as many as five days of complete food and sleep deprivation following a couple of weeks of pre-fatigue training. How can I prepare myself for this exercise? Thanks, Mister Masochist

Discuss These Financial Topics With A Spouse To Prepare For the Worst

It’s no fun thinking about what happens when you die. It’s a pretty big downer, but it’s important to discuss this matter with your spouse. In case of the worst, you want everything to be in order. Being prepared can alleviate some stress during a terrible situation.

2015 Console Showdown: Xbox One Vs PlayStation 4

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have changed quite a bit since they launched in late 2013. If you’ve been sitting on the fence all this time, now is an excellent time to buy — there are loads of games, more storage, new software features and a cheaper price tag to boot. But which one is best? Read our in-depth guide to find out.

Keep Condiments From Dripping In The Fridge With Containers

Over time, dripping condiments can cause a sticky mess in your fridge. To keep your fridge clean and its contents organised, try corralling your condiments in containers.