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Hotspots For Pickpocketing In Nine Popular Travel Destinations

When travelling to an area you’re unfamiliar with, you should be especially aware of your surroundings and potential risks: pickpocketing, for example. Pickpockets typically target unaware tourists in popular destinations. Here are nine popular cities and their pickpocket hotspots.

The Best Hacks From Netflix's Developer Hackathon

Content delivery giant Netflix has been hosting Hack Day events for some time, giving its product development staff a break from their daily routine to experiment with new technologies and get creative. Design and engineering staff get together to find alternative ways to do things better at Netflix. From a retro VR viewing experience to a 3D software debugging solution, here are some of the creations that came out of Netflix’s most recent Hackathon.

The Easiest Way To Skin And De-Bone A Fish Fillet

Filleting, skinning and de-boning your own fish is easy if you know the right technique. Gordon Ramsay demonstrates how to quickly skin and de-bone a large fillet so it’s safe to cook.

Deals: Get Premium Microsoft Office Training At Any Price You’d Like To Pay

Nearly every job requires applicants to have at least working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Now, Lifehacker Australia readers can learn how to use these tools and more with the Pay What You Want: A to Z Microsoft Office Training Bundle, offered at a substantial savings off retail.

Five Best Online Backup Services For 2016

As we’ve learned throughout the month, everyone’s got a horror data loss story to tell. Computer errors and hard drive crashes can hit at any time — usually when it’s going to be the most inconvenient — so it’s worthwhile to look into an online backup service to keep all your precious memories and valuable information safe.

The Easiest Way To Mince Garlic Using Just A Knife

Mincing garlic isn’t difficult, but if all you have is a knife, this method from Cook’s Illustrated is easy and produces a fine, smooth paste with no overwhelming chunks of garlic in the mix.

App Deals: Learning An Instrument? Get A Free Metronome On iOS

Today’s best deals include Amuzik for Android, Real Metronome for iOS and Files&Folders Pro for Windows Phone. Deals end without warning, so be quick!

Find The Right Size Watch For Your Wrist With These Tips

Video: Watches come in a wide variety of sizes, and so do wrists. These helpful tips will make sure your never buy a watch that looks too big or too small when you wear it.

Schedule A Morning Interview For The Best Chance At Getting Hired

The time of day your job interview is scheduled can impact your chances of an offer, according to a new survey of over 2200 CFOs from various companies. Mornings are the best time, most agreed, and you have a short window to make a good impression.

Identify And Work Around Your Delivery Dates To Manage A Flexible Schedule

More employers are beginning to offer flexible work options to let employees work at a time that fits them best, rather than a strict nine-to-five job. This is nice, but it can turn your schedule into chaos. Before that happens, build your schedule around your delivery dates.

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