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Dealhacker: The Cheapest Unlimited NBN Plans In Each Australian City

The NBN might not be available everywhere, but if you live in the heart of a major Australian city you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Deciding which plan to sign up for can therefore be a bit daunting. If you require lots of data at the cheapest possible price, this roundup of unlimited NBN plans will help to narrow down your selection.

Stay At A New, Unreviewed Hotel For Great Service That's Also Affordable

There are plenty of options for saving money on lodging. If you want top notch service, though, you can often get it at an affordable price by staying at a newly launched hotel.

Ask LH: How Do I Grow Medical Marijuana Legally?

Dear Lifehacker, The Australian Government recently passed a bill to give licence for cultivation of Medical Marijuana in NSW. I would like to know the licencing formalities, application process and other related details. I look forward to hearing from you.

Make Your Holiday Feel Longer With Some Basic Cognitive Psychology

If you’ve ever had a week-long holiday that felt like it only lasted a couple days, it’s probably because you did a little too much planning and not enough living in the moment.

Lifehacker Australia Podcast Highlights: Interviews With Justin Lin, Roland Emmerich And Ryan Griffen

In this best of season three compilation we chat about video game movies, foods from our childhood, gadgets that are listening to you and the intersection of gambling and gaming.

Plus we interview creators/directors Justin Lin (Star Trek), Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) and Ryan Griffen (Cleverman).

Watch the expanded show in video or subscribe to the audio feed via iTunes and Pocket Casts.

Linux Turns 25: How A Hobby Project Became The Most Influential Operating System In History

On August 25, 1991, Linus Torvalds, a Finnish programmer, posted a message on an online forum about a free operating system kernel, Linux, he was working on. It was just mean to be a hobby project and he was looking for some input from his peers. Little did he know that his little project would eventually turn into an operating system that changed the world. You probably interact with Linux every day without even realising it. Today, the operating system turns 25. We take a look at the evolution of the open source operating system over its 25 year history.

Burger Day Special: Lifehacker's Ultimate Guide To Burgers

At Lifehacker, we consider every day of the year to be Burger Day. But August 25 is the official day of celebration for burger connoisseurs. To make the occasion, we’ve assembled some of our tastiest burger posts for you to snack on. Whether you want to know how to make your own McDonald’s special sauce, find out what a Big Mac does to your stomach or revisit the colon-throttling horror of the “Colonel’s McWhopper”, you’ll find it all here!

Deals: Cellarmasters Wine Sale, Double Cashback At Menulog And Virgin Travel

Every Thursday we team up OzBargain power poster tightarse to run through some of the best deals that have caught his attention. This week: 14 bottles of quality wine just $89 at Cellarmasters, 1TB PlayStation 4 just $369 at JB Hi-Fi, eBay’s 20% Father’s Day tech sale continues and more.

Domino's Is Launching A Fleet Of Autonomous Pizza Drones

First it was autonomous pizza-dispensing robots. Now, Domino’s is bringing a fleet of pizza delivery drones to the masses. If the headline-hungry company can be believed, New Zealand customers will soon be receiving pizzas from the skies via a technology partnership with drone delivery service Flirtey.

Domino’s has proudly proclaimed its new initiative as the first commercial drone delivery service in the world. However, there’s no timeframe for when the service will be available and the service is still seeking approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Hmmm.

What To Look For When Picking Out A Mini-Fridge

When buying a mini-fridge, you don’t want some crappy box that barely chills a few soft drinks. Here are the features you should keep an eye out for when you’re shopping for the perfect mini-fridge.

Build A USB Hub That Snaps Into A Raspberry Pi Zero

Video: The Raspberry Pi Zero is great, but it’s lacking USB ports. Instructables user Sean Hodgins shares his project that adds four USB ports to the Pi Zero with a cleverly designed little board.

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