Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker has been writing about personal finance for nearly a decade. She’s also the author of The Biographies of Ordinary People, a Millennial-era Little Women.
  • How to Keep Your Bed as Cool as Possible This Summer

    How to Keep Your Bed as Cool as Possible This Summer

    Let’s figure out some nighttime cool-down strategies to make your bed more comfortable before you sweat your face off. Lifehacker put together a list of tips and tricks to make your bed as warm and snuggly as possible for winter, but now that it’s summer, here are our tips for cooling your bed—and yourself—down before…

  • How to Dust Everything in Your Home

    How to Dust Everything in Your Home

    I love dusting. There’s something extremely satisfying about running a piece of cloth across a surface and watching it become instantly brighter, or pulling a few books out of a bookshelf, admiring the book-shaped gunk outline you didn’t even know was there, and then making it disappear.

  • What Is A Weekly Review And How Can You Get The Most Out Of It?

    If you’re familiar with David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity system, you already know about the importance of the Weekly Review. If you aren’t, here’s a quick overview: Every week, you take time to review not only your upcoming commitments and outstanding to-dos, but also the ways in which those commitments and to-dos reflect your…

  • Why You Should Wear A Mask To Your Next Job Interview

    Now that more and more states are reopening, job seekers might find themselves in the position of having to decide how to approach an in-person job interview. Should you wear a mask? Should you avoid shaking hands? Should you attempt to stay at least 1.5 metres away from your interviewers?