This Is the Best Day to Start New Habits

This Is the Best Day to Start New Habits

Starting new habits is all about finding momentum and keeping it up. Everyone knows, however, that the hardest part is starting. If you’ve been wondering when you should kick off your new life-changing habit Thursday might be the perfect day to begin — here’s why.

The best day to start off a new habit

The best time to start a new habit is as soon as you have the drive, but finding that drive doesn’t come as easy to some. For many of us, we need preparation and planning and the right conditions in order to commit to something new. That’s why Laura Vanderkam at Fast Company has shared her suggestions on nailing your new habit.

She says you should aim to begin new habits on Thursdays because it’s the quietest part of the week (usually):

“The workweek tends to be slowing down by then…,” says Vanderkam.

“Fewer things are starting up, so you can concentrate your energy and focus on your new routine. You take your lunchtime walk with fewer competing priorities. Friday lets you repeat the routine, reinforcing it, again with few distractions. Then over the weekend, you can evaluate (or keep going if you intend to).”

It’s quite clever really. By the time Monday rolls around and your plate is refilled with commitments and stress, you’ve already established some kind of routine with your new habit. So whether it’s taking a lunchtime walk, or meditating daily, you’ll have already trialled your habit at this point, so hopefully, you’ll find it a little easier to stick with your new plan.

Of course, if you don’t work a normal Monday-Friday workweek, just start with whatever your version of Thursday is. Kicking off a new habit can be a challenge for some of us, so why not give yourself the best odds possible?

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