6 Ways to Feel Wealthier (Without Making a Fortune)

6 Ways to Feel Wealthier (Without Making a Fortune)

Between skyrocketing grocery prices and a rise in inflation, it’s hard not to feel the pinch right now. While money is tight for a lot of us, many of these factors are out of our control. What is in our control is the way we look at the idea of wealth, and we have some money tips that may help.

H&R Block ambassador and The Broke Generation’s Emma Edwards has this outlook on wealth.

“Feeling wealthy can mean financial security, making spending decisions that are in alignment with what you truly want, and having the flexibility to make decisions based on the value it adds to your life, rather than just whether or not you can afford it,” Edwards said.

To help us understand this further, Emma provided us with her top ways of feeling wealthier with the money you have.

Money tips to help you feel wealthier

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Be generous with things you no longer need:

One thing Edwards recommends when shifting your money mindset is to pay it forward.

“Lots of us have been programmed to try and claw back at least a small amount of the cost we paid for something before I get rid of it. But the result is often a pile of stuff in the corner of your bedroom waiting to be listed on Marketplace but never actually budging.”

“If your financial situation allows, there is great joy to be found in giving things away for free. When you’re clearing out and thinking about selling something, ask yourself whether you could do someone a solid and give it away for free. Is that $20 you could make from it worth it to you right now, or could you pass on some good energy by letting it go for nothing?”

You may have run out of uses for something, but to someone else, it could become a treasure.

Start using the things you buy instead of saving them:

We’ve all done it. Bought a new piece of clothing that you only want to use for ‘special occasions’ until suddenly it’s five years later and you don’t even like it anymore.

Edwards says one way to feel wealthier is to actually start using all that special occasion stuff:

“Your favourite candle, that pristine notebook, that still-got-the-tags-on dress… we’ve all got things we’re obsessed with keeping ‘for best’.”

“But there’s a major flaw in this thinking. When we spend money on something, we’re expecting to get something in return. If you never use the item, you’ve not got anything in return – what a waste!”

“Accepting that you want to use the things you’ve purchased and get joy from them connects the act of spending money with deep value on a personal level. Use the things you’re saving and trust me, you’ll feel wealthier.”

Buy essentials in bulk:

Edwards says that you might unknowingly have a scarcity mindset if you’re the sort of person to squeeze every last drop out of a toothpaste tube or use every square of toilet paper to avoid buying more.

One of her money tips is to shift to buying in bulk in order to help you feel more plentiful.

“Stocking up on things in bulk (like 3 at a time, not Costco levels of bulk!) or scheduling a subscription to make sure you never run out can really help you feel more abundant. Plus, it really helps with budgeting, because I treat it just like a bill that’s allocated from each pay.”

You don’t always have to settle for the cheapest option:

Another thing that might be contributing to a scarcity mindset is always picking the cheapest version of something.

“I’m guilty of being one of those grocery shoppers that would always pick the cheapest option, even if there was a better/tastier/bigger version available. Again, it’s all scarcity.

“Try proving to yourself that you can get the nice mayo if you want it, or the slightly fancier cheese, or the nicer bottle of wine every now and again. It can really help you break out of a scarce space and feel more wealthy and in control of your life as a result.”

Adding to that, if you want to buy everything that’s locally made because it’s what makes you happy, do it! Those extra few dollars may mean more to your mindset than they do to your wallet.

Never get to zero:

None of us ever want to let our bank accounts get into the negatives, but one money tip that may help is to try and set a new threshold in your mind.

“Try setting a new ‘zero point’ in your bank account. E.g. keep $100 or $1,000 in there at all times and avoid letting the account get below that. Not only does it mean any direct debits or payments will always go through, but also it just makes you feel wealthier by knowing there’s always money in your account,” Edwards said.

Obviously, this may not always be possible for some. But it’s certainly something to try out where you can.

Pay for things upfront or annually:

It may seem like a hard hit to the wallet at the time but, as Edwards points out, paying for bills upfront or annually is one money tip that can help you save more in the long run.

“This is one of the best ways to feel like a 10/10 financially secure adult. If you know you’re going to use something regularly, just pay the annual subscription – it’s usually cheaper, too. You’ll get such a rush from getting payments out the way for an entire year, and it means you don’t have to engage with that expense for another year.”

“A great time to do this is around Black Friday, as there are often major discounts for annual subscriptions of major softwares and subscriptions. For extra wealth points, set aside the monthly fee into a saver ahead of time, so you’re ready to pay the full amount when the next renewal comes around!”

Outsource and optimise:

Lastly, it’s okay to spend a little money if it will give you better results. If you’re not confident about something, ask an expert for help!

“Sometimes, you’ve got to spend money to save money (or make money), and this is a key tenet of a wealthy and abundant mindset,” Edwards said.

“Feeling confident to outsource things to get a better outcome helps you place value on your time, energy and stress levels, too – and in many cases can actually result in better financial outcomes all round. With tax time coming up, getting comfortable with seeking professional support from experts, like H&R Block, can help ramp up your wealthy mindset. You’ll reduce stress by knowing your taxes are in safe and experienced hands, and maybe even maximise your tax deductions by leveraging the expertise of the best in the biz.”

It’s the small things that can make a big difference when it comes to thinking about money. Give some of these money tips a try and hopefully, you’ll be feeling richer (both physically and mentally) than before.

This article has been updated since its original publish date.

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