What You'll Pay For Google Maps Engine Pro

Google has launched Maps Engine Pro, a new mapping tool designed to represent business data in map form. That’s potentially useful if you want to visualise large volumes of data, but you’ll pay for the feature.

Stay Updated On The NSW Fires With This Google Map

Google Australia has set up a mirror to the NSW Rural Fire Services’ fire alert map, meaning that this link will get you to all the latest emergency warnings for the fires now burning out of control around the state.

How To Set Up The Ultimate Personal Google Maps

Google Maps is constantly getting updated with new features, but the use of those features isn’t always obvious. If you find yourself using Google Maps just to get from address to address, you’re missing out on a lot of the ways Google makes it easier to get around. Here’s how to really use those personalisation options to your advantage.

Google Maps For iOS Gets Faster Navigation And Tips Section

iOS: Google Maps received an update today that brings easier access to the navigation function, including route and traffic overview. You can now get right to the navigation menu after you type in a search query, as well as get an instant look at the traffic overview.

How To Plan A Trip Itinerary Using Custom Google Maps

Itinerary planning seems to be one of those things you can’t efficiently outsource to a computer just yet. It generally requires a couple of things: knowing where you’re staying, where you’d like to go, and where exactly all these places are in a city that you have absolutely no idea about. Now, wouldn’t it be so much easier if everything was collated onto a specific map? Enter the holy grail of usefulness: Google Maps.

Location Reminder Sends Notifications To Anyone Based On Where You Are

Android: Tasker can handle a lot of complicated automation. If you’re looking for something a little more targeted, Location Reminder can send customised notifications based on your location using some of the fancy new geofencing techniques recently added to Google Play Services.

Addy Creates A Custom URL For Instant Address Sharing

The next time someone asks for your or your office’s address and contact details, wouldn’t it be easier to have a ready link you can send them? Webapp Addy lets you create cool contact cards with a map, along with a custom URL that’s easy to remember.

Google Street View Maps The Galapagos Islands

We always enjoy it when Google sends its Street View cameras somewhere unusual. The latest addition to the project is underwater footage from the Galapagos Islands, which means you can now see Street View imagery with actual giant tortoises.

Lifehacker Maps: Australian Ghost Towns

Ghost towns: once prosperous, now empty save for tourists passing through to check out the decaying evidence of former times. We’ve placed every Australian ghost town we can locate on an interactive map — more than 150 in total.

Google Maps Easter Egg Lets You Explore Doctor Who's TARDIS

We love Google Easter Eggs, and this one is even better than any of last week’s new YouTube offerings: an option that lets you explore the inside of the TARDIS console room via Street View. Yep, it turns out even Google Maps is bigger on the inside.