Ask LH: Can I Transfer Google Maps Engine Maps To Android?

Dear Lifehacker, I am planning a motorcycle ride from Melbourne to Brisbane via many back roads to enjoy the scenery. I have created a map with Google Maps Engine but have had no joy in attempting to use the new navigation abilities of the Google Maps Android app to direct me on my route. Is it possible to do that?

Create Customisable GeoMaps With Google Sheets

If you want to display a range of data by region, you need a GeoMap. You may not have known this, but it’s quite easy to create your own in Google Sheets after entering your data.

Alongways Finds Interesting And Useful Stops Along Your Road Trip

Planning a road trip is rarely just about finding the fastest route between two points. You also have to consider stops for petrol, bathrooms, food or entertainment. Alongways is a Google Maps mashup that lets you type in your origin and destination, and search for anything you want along the way, from “pizza” to “dog parks” and everything in-between.

Google Maps Now Covers The Moon And Mars

You won’t be able to use your bicycle for this one: Google Maps now lets you tour the surface of the Moon and Mars.

Google Maps Adds Biking Elevation, Voice In Navigation Mode

Android: Google updated its Maps app with a bunch of new features today, including elevation for bicycle directions, voice actions in navigation mode, and a slide-out menu for Your Places.

Test Your Geography Knowledge With This Google Maps Game

Smarty Pins is a new online trivia game that works inside Google Maps. It’s basically pin the tail on the donkey for geography nerds. If you consider yourself worldly and well-traveled, stop looking smug and put your pin where you mouth is!

Access Classic Google Maps Through This URL

If you’re not a fan of the newest version of Google Maps, Google Operating System has a quick way to access the old version of maps from an old URL. It turns out using the old Local URL brings up the older version of Maps.

Set Walking Directions As The Default In Apple Maps

iOS: Not everyone needs driving directions all the time. TUAW reminds us that if you prefer walking directions you can set Apple’s Maps to default to them — if you know where to look.

Isoscope Shows How Far You Can Drive In 10 Minutes From Where You Are

If you’re curious about the traffic congestion in a given area, web site Isoscope shows you how far you can get from any location in 10 minutes.

Google Maps Bike Directions Now Show Elevation

When you’re cycling, hills are the enemy. Google Maps now has a handy new option which shows the elevation for cycling directions, helping you identify less taxing routes.