Google Brings Back The 'Search Nearby' Feature In Maps

The new Google Maps is looking great, but many of us sorely missed the superb and simple “search nearby” function that unexpectedly vanished. Now, it’s finally back.

Path Finder Helps You Find Your Way Back When You Go Somewhere New

Android: When you need to do something simple like find your way back to way back to your car, you can always mark your location on a map. However, if you want to track the entire path back to where you started from, Path Finder can help.

Meet Me Halfway Finds Notable Locations Between Two Addresses

Android: Google Maps, as useful as it is, still needs to improve one common function: finding a meeting spot between two locations. Meet Me Halfway fills this gap.

Google Maps Shows Your Hotel, Flight And Restaurant Reservations

Android/iOS: Google Maps for iOS and Android received an update today that now shows you any hotel bookings, restaurant reservations and flights you have scheduled right on the map itself. So, if you look at an airport in Maps, you’ll see your flight times and a link to view the email with more information in it.

Show Traffic And Road Incidents In Maps For Mavericks

The Maps app packed into Mavericks isn’t exactly overwhelming with features, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. OS X Daily points out that it includes a traffic indicator that you might have missed.

Lifehacker Maps: Doctor Who In Australia

Doctor Who is celebrating its 50th birthday this week, with an anniversary special that the ABC will broadcast live this Sunday. To celebrate, we’ve put every location in Australia mentioned in the TV series on an interactive Google Map.

Google Maps Adds Step-By-Step Previews

Google has updated Google Maps today with helpful features that will make exploring a new city or travelling a bit smoother. These include street-level photos and the return of Pegman.

Day One For Mac Updates With Maps Integration, Filters And More

Mac: Day One is one of the nicest journalling apps out there. And today it has released an update that adds a bunch of new features, including handy options specific to OS X Mavericks.

Google Maps Adds Real-Time NSW Bushfire Warnings For Searches

Google has a long history of offering maps-based emergency data, the most recent example being a live replica of the RFS bushfire maps for NSW. The next step in that process: from today, Google will offer NSW live bushfire warnings as you search Google Maps, warning you of potential issues as you plan your travel.

What You'll Pay For Google Maps Engine Pro

Google has launched Maps Engine Pro, a new mapping tool designed to represent business data in map form. That’s potentially useful if you want to visualise large volumes of data, but you’ll pay for the feature.