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Placeboard For iPhone Saves All Your Favourite Locations In One Place

iOS: Keeping track of your favourite places in a city or of locations you want to check out is a bit of chore. Sure, you can save favourites in Google Maps, or bookmark places in Yelp, but neither of those work particularly well. Placeboard is an app made specifically to help you organise those places.

Waze 4.0 Brings A New Interface, Smart Reminders And ETA Panel

Android: Waze, one of our favourite mapping apps, released a new version version for Android today. Waze 4.0 comes with a brand new interface and smart reminders based on your calendar events.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation Showdown: Google Maps Vs. Waze

You wouldn’t really think there could be that much difference between turn-by-turn navigation apps, but even just a glance at Google Maps and Waze shows how different they are. They might both be owned by the same company, but they work completely differently.

Google Maps For iPhone Now Shows Places To Stop Along Your Route, Makes It Easy To Find Cheap Petrol

iOS: Last year, Google Maps on Android got a new feature that made it easy to search for places and cheap petrol along your current route in order to make a pit stop. Now, the feature’s on iOS.

Placing Literature Maps Out Real Places You've Read About In Books

It’s always fun to visit the real life places you read about in books. There’s just something exciting about exploring the place the author had in mind while writing. Placing Literature is a fun tool that maps those places out for you.

Lonely Planet's New Mobile Guides Help You Discover Cities Around The Globe

Android/iOS: Lonely Planet is well known for their city guides, designed to help travellers around the globe make the most of their trips, and their new mobile app, Guides, brings all of that great information to your smartphone.

How Bad Is The USA's Gun Problem? [Infographic]

It’s no secret that our US neighbours have a bit of a gun problem. But some parts of the country have experienced far more gun-related deaths and injuries than others. If you’re planning a trip to the US or are considering moving there for work, it might be a good idea to know the number of deaths in the area as well as where government representatives stand on the issue.

How To Turn Waze Into The Ultimate Navigation App

Waze has long been one of our favourite navigation apps, and even though Google purchased Waze way back in 2013, both still exist side-by-side. Google Maps is great, but with the right tweaks, Waze can be awesome — especially in cities with lots of traffic.

Google Maps Offline Mode Gets Navigation, Destination Search And More

Android: Google Maps is getting an update today that will add in a ton of information to downloaded offline maps. Beyond just being easier to download, you also get turn-by-turn navigation, location search, and more.

Waze Finally Looks Better, Is Less Of A Pain To Use

iOS: Waze just released a big design overhaul for its app that makes it a lot easier to use. It also ditches the intensely cluttered interface that always made it a bit of an eyesore.

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