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Global iPlayer Killed By BBC

The BBC’s subscription video-on-demand service will cease operations on June 26.

Channel Nine 'Premieres' Sherlock Season 3 Exclusively In Perth. Huh?

In what appears to be an Australian first, Channel Nine has opted to show new episodes of the popular TV series Sherlock exclusively on its Perth channel. Season 3 premiered on STW Perth last night (Sunday 19 January) with additional episodes set to run on 26 January 26 and 2 February. No date has been set for the rest of Nine Network’s stations, other than a vague reference to “later”.

A Bluffer's Guide To Doctor Who [Infographic]

So who is this Doctor person everyone keeps going on about? This monolithic infographic details five decades of adventures through time and space, explaining everything you need to know. Whether you’re a die-hard Whovian or a newly generated fan, the results are well worth checking out.

iPlayer No More: The Future For BBC Content Online Looks Messy Down Under

The BBC’s iPlayer iOS app is a nifty (and legal) way for people outside the UK to access and download popular BBC content. However, it looks like plans for that service to expand to Android and potentially offer live content have been put to one side, with the BBC now planning to focus on a series of premium pay TV channels and streaming subscription content through its portal. For Aussie viewers, that means your main legal option is likely to be (gulp) a Foxtel subscription.

Foxtel Plunders BBC In Exclusive Content Deal

Foxtel has announced a deal that would give it exclusive access to content from the BBC from mid-2014 onwards. That means that BBC Comedy and Drama shows will be moved away from their traditional home on the ABC and onto a new channel from Foxtel. So what does this mean for Doctor Who fans?

BBC To Offer Downloads, Aussies Unlikely To Score

One of the common complaints about the otherwise excellent BBC iPlayer app is that you can’t access recently-broadcast TV shows. The BBC has outlined plans to offer a download service which would allow viewers to pay to download copies of shows minutes after they first air, but while that sounds promising, Australians are unlikely to benefit.

BBC News Android App Puts News On Your Tablet

While there’s still no sign of an Android app for us iPlayer-loving Aussies, the Beeb is expanding its Android presence. It has had an Android news app since last year, and today it has launched a tablet-specific version.

Doctor Who The Top Show For Aussies On iPlayer

We are in no way surprised: the most popular program amongst Aussie users of the BBC’s iPad/iPhone iPlayer app is Doctor Who. More surprising? Australia is the biggest global market for the app, which is now available in 16 countries.

BBC iPlayer App Now Works On iPhone, Touch

We liked the BBC’s iPlayer app when it rolled out in January, but it was only an option for iPad. From December 8, iPhone and iPod touch owners will also be able to install the app and access the service.

The Future Of iPlayer: Android, International Catch-Up & More

The BBC’s iPlayer app for iPad is now out in Australia and it works really well when it comes to viewing archive material. But will it ever appear on Android? And why can’t we pay for a full version of the UK catch-up service? We chatted with BBC Worldwide executives to discover the answers.

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