The BBC’s New Font Is Mobile Friendly And A Money Saver

The BBC’s New Font Is Mobile Friendly And A Money Saver

Who thought developing your own font would be a money saver? The BBC has created a new typeface called BBC Reith, named after the broadcaster’s founder. As well as being specifically designed to work best on mobile devices, it will save the Beeb a few bucks on the balance sheet.

According to a report at The Verge the fonts in the current style guide – Gill Sans, Arial, and Neue Helvetica – aren’t optimized for mobile displays and cost the broadcaster in licensing fees.

This has me thinking – how many of us have corporate websites that aren’t paying the appropriate licensing fees? And what would it take to create your own typeface?

Have you done this? Are you a typeface/font designer?


  • Why are five of the letters bold serif and the rest are normal san serif? I realise it spells out ‘Reith’ but is it supposed to represent the bolded version of the same font or is it just some other random font they threw in for shits and giggles?

    • Yeah some of those bold elements don’t sit in the same style as the rest of the typeface…. probably S and Gs.

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