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Your phone has one, your laptop has one, and you've got a smart one in the corner of your room telling you the weather - but what makes a good speaker different from a so-so speaker? Why you might consider upgrading the audio capabilities of your TV or computer, and what should you look for if you do?


When you're listening to music through cheap headphones or speakers, an equaliser will help even out the sound. Most equalizers come with genre presets, but you can manually adjust them too. It helps to know what kind of instrument is affected by each frequency.


Bluetooth technology can be a godsend for those of us trying to minimise the amount of cord clutter in our digital lives. But when your laptop, phone, or other device is hooked up via bluetooth to a wireless speaker or pair of headphones and the audio playback starts to stutter, it can be nothing short of infuriating.


"Okay, Google. Find me the best price for Google Home."

Google Home, the voice-controlled smart speaker/personal assistant/smart hub for your home, usually retails at $199. Right now, you can get it for $134.90 from DWIdigitalcameras.


Ammo containers aren't super common, but you could probably find one at your local surplus store, or on eBay -- and Instructables user r570sv turned this one into a massive Bluetooth speaker with a little DIY spirit and the right parts. Best of all, it's an easy electronics project you can follow too.


Correct speaker placement has become something of a lost art. Lots of people get it all wrong. As any self-respecting audiophile will tell you, it's not how big they are, but where you put them. Here's what you need to know.


Dear Lifehacker, I'm moving into a small apartment and I don't have a lot of space for a big TV or huge living room speakers. I also don't have heaps of extra equipment to hook up. Even so, I want the things I do use to look and sound good when I use them. Do you have any tips to help me make the most of my space without spending a lot of money?


Android/iOS (Beta): You probably use your phone as an alarm clock, and you may even use it to play music isntead of a generic alarm tone, but what if you could use your favourite speakers or home stereo to wake you up instead of your phone's tinny speakers? That's what Sleepcast does.


Speakers aren't particularly expensive these days, but most of them lack much in the way of character. If you don't mind slopping on a bit of elbow grease, Instructables user andy.spikenzielabs shows off how to build a little micro speaker that has a small visualiser built into it.