How To Improve Your Home Speaker Setup

How To Improve Your Home Speaker Setup
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There are a few moments in life that solidify your ‘adult’ status: paying your first bill, not ordering from the kid’s menu, getting your car serviced before your parents yell at you, and decking out your very own place.

As it turns out, fitting your apartment, house or boat for maximum comfort and pleasure isn’t always a walk in the park. Namely, and perhaps most importantly, getting the sound right can be a difficult task.

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To purists and audiophiles, the perfect home speaker setup is high on the To-Do list. If you’re going to enjoy a movie, listen to some music or throw a party, you want the sound to be of the highest quality.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend a lot of cash for the latest and greatest technology – you just need to know what to buy and how to use it.

These are some factors you should strongly consider if you want to treat your ears like royalty.


According to this video on speaker placement with Senior Manager for the Dynaudio Academy Roland Hoffmann, there is certainly science to placing your speakers properly.

In saying that, Hoffmann suggests that the only way to get the near-perfect sound you’re after is to constantly experiment.

If you have time, keep listening to music while adjusting the location of your speakers until you’re satisfied with what you’re hearing.

Every room’s going to be different, so there’s no clear-cut way to get the best acoustics right off the bat.


While the chances of perfecting your sound system setup on the first attempt are very slim, there are some general rules in terms of placement that can be a great starting point.

Most audiophiles seem to agree that placing your speakers too close together is a complete misstep, as you’ll essentially be hearing one block of music.

Electronics company Crutchfield suggests angling your speakers so they’re both facing your position front-on. This seems pretty straightforward, but the number of loungerooms you see with speakers angled towards two different parts of the room is astounding.

As Hoffman says, your speakers should ideally be positioned in an 8:5 ratio. That is, closer to the sidewall than the rear wall, or vice versa.

Symmetry is not a word you want to hear when you’re talking about sound systems.

You can have a look at a diagram of what your speaker placement should emulate here.


As previously mentioned, expensive equipment does not always equal quality equipment.

If you’re after excellent surround sound but you don’t want to drop thousands of dollars on a new sound system, you can get creative.

For example, you could simply have your music linked to different Ultimate Ears speakers scattered in carefully positioned places around the room.

The Ultimate Ears speakers have 360-degree audio, and can “maximize bass frequency output while preserving its full colour and mix accuracy” – which, in layman’s terms, essentially means maximum bass without losing any quality.

How To Improve Your Home Speaker Setup

With this alternative, you still get premium sound without having to go bankrupt.

The source

It’s safe to say that in 2019, a strong majority of people will be playing tunes off of their respective streaming services.

Well, there are settings in Spotify and Apple Music that can be adjusted to suit your home setup.

For Spotify:

  • Go into Spotify’s settings
  • Select ‘playback’
  • Scroll down and select ‘equalizer’
  • Turn the equaliser option on
  • There will be a handful of preset options tailored to your situation, including ‘bass booster’, ‘small speakers’, ‘dance’ etc
  • Play around with the options to get a feel for what preset sounds best on your speakers
  • For Apple iOS:

  • Go into your phone’s (not Apple Music) settings
  • Find the ‘music’ option
  • Click on ‘playback’
  • Select ‘EQ’
  • A similar range to the Spotify preset options will be available
  • Limitations

    Truthfully, the only real problem that can occur involves your social circles.

    If you have the ultimate setup, it only takes one friend with poor taste in music to ruin everything you’ve worked for.

    When you are having a gathering, keep an eye on that music player. You now have an established home speaker setup, never relinquish control of the metaphorical AUX cord.


    • I guess this is a sponsored piece but “purists and audiophiles” aren’t setting up their home sound system with a bunch of portable speakers so they can listen to music through Spotify or a mobile phone.

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