Louis Costello

Louis Costello

Louis Costello is a Native Content Writer at Pedestrian Group, working across Pedestrian.TV, Business Insider, POPSUGAR, Lifehacker, Gizmodo and Kotaku.

After working as an editorial assistant at The Music magazine, Louis began freelancing for Pedestrian.TV at the beginning of 2018 before securing a full-time position a few months later. Working on numerous campaigns ranging from Mcdonalds and Doritos to Kids Helpline and Our Watch, Louis has effectively proven his versatility and is able to adapt his writing style to suit various brand messages.

Calculate Your Carbon Thumbprint Using This App

As phones continue to dominate our lives, we’re unwittingly pumping out CO2 into the atmosphere with so much as a wiggle of the thumb. We’ve partnered with Belong for the release of their Carbon Thumbprint app. Using our mobile data to complete even the most mundane task such as sending…

Negotiating bills

5 Tips To Lower The Cost Of Your Bills

As the unemployment rate leaps to 6.2% among Australians, the ability to renegotiate bills has become a necessary skill as we ride out this pandemic. We’ve partnered with Bankwest to provide a series of banking no-brainers to help you better manage your money. So, to give everyone the best shot…