Please Stop Cracking Your Eggs on the Edge of a Bowl

Please Stop Cracking Your Eggs on the Edge of a Bowl

Egg prep is a topic that is forever debated. From the best way to scramble your eggs to the perfect eggshell peeling technique, we’re always looking for the easiest and most effective ways to treat this kitchen staple. Today is no different: we’re chatting about how to crack your eggs.

As you may assume, there are a few ways to crack eggs open, and thanks to our pals at Australian Eggs we now have a list of the best and worst methods available.

Let’s take a peek, shall we?

To begin, what shouldn’t you do?

Probably the most common way of cracking an egg is by tapping it against the edge of a bowl while cooking. Please step away from the bowl, friends. This technique is not doing you any favours.

Australian Eggs shares that when using this method, “you often crack both the shell and the protective membrane separating the shell and yolk – leading to bits of shell falling in the bowl. That’s not desirable, or hygienic”.

Here are three egg-cracking alternatives to try instead

Go for a flat, hard surface:

Replace your bowl rim with a hard surface like a chopping board or benchtop, Australian Eggs suggests. “…Start by holding your egg in one hand and tapping it on a hard surface…until you see a vertical crack appear”.

Smack two eggs together:

Save your surfaces by using a couple of eggs alone.

“Hold an egg in each hand. Then aiming for the middle band of the eggs, tap them together. Presto. You’ll have two perfectly cracked eggs,” Australian Eggs shares.

Use one hand:

This is the most impressive of the bunch. But if you can crack your eggs with one hand, you’ll be saving a whole lot of mess and effort.

Australian Eggs explained:

“Use your dominant hand’s pinky and ring finger to grip the bottom of the egg – before whacking it on a hard surface. Then simply use your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers to lift off the top.”

Once you’ve mastered the cracking skill, you can move on to a whole host of different projects. Lucky for you, we have an entire bible of recipes and hacks available here.

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