All the Egg Hacks You’ll Ever Need

All the Egg Hacks You’ll Ever Need

Eggs are a wondrous food. They can be used for so many different things and eaten in so many different ways. Scrambled, boiled, fried, beaten, you name it.

Being such a versatile food item means there are so many easy ways to get eggs wrong. Here on Lifehacker, we love writing about eggs and their many uses. So to save you scouring the internet meaninglessly, we’ve collected a bunch of our most eggcellent hacks to get you going.

Scrambled eggs

Scramble Your Eggs in a Jar

Did you know that a great way to scramble your eggs is in a jar? This hack may just change your life. Give it a try here.

How to Scramble your Eggs in the Microwave

We all revert to the glory of the microwave every now and then. Check out our guide for cooking scrambled eggs in your microwave here.

How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs

If you’re going to scramble your eggs, you may as well do it right. Check out our guide to all the ways to cook perfect scrambled eggs here.

Boiled eggs

How to Peel a Boiled Egg

Opinions differ but this TikTok hack may just be the weirdest and best way to peel an egg. Make up your mind for yourself here.

Alternatively, there’s also the jar method which you can read about here.

And to top it off, there is a theory that using a rice cooker both steams your egg and makes it easier to peel.

Butter Your Boiled Eggs

For a transcendent hard-boiled egg, smother it in butter. This is why.

Poached eggs

The Easiest Way to Poach an Egg is…

Could vinegar be the secret to poaching eggs perfectly? Find out in our article here.

You can Poach or Fry Your Egg in the Microwave

Using the work microwave makes it easy to have a warm egg at lunch. Here’s a foolproof way to making a fried or poached egg in your microwave.

Poach Your Eggs In Instant Miso

Look, it sounds weird but poaching your eggs in miso soup makes for a delicious savoury breakfast. Find out how and why here.

Fried Eggs

How to make Over-Easy Eggs

More of an American thing but if you’re looking to make over-easy eggs this is how to do it.

Fry Your Eggs in Extra Butter

Another tip for great fried eggs? Use butter, lots of it.


Add Pancake Batter to Your Omelette Mix

This hack claims that adding pancake batter to your omelette mix will result in a fluffier omelette. Yum! Read all about it here.

Ultimate Cheese Omelette

Cheese is one of the best parts of an omelette, but how much cheese is too much cheese? Find out with this recipe for the ultimate cheesy omelette.

Cooking with eggs

How to Separate Your Egg Yolks from the Whites

A TikTok hack has the answer to the easiest way to separate your yellow yolk from the goo of the white. Read about it here.

How to Tell If Your Eggs have Gone Bad

Expert minds suggest that if you put an egg in a bowl of cold water you can tell if it’s gone rotten. Read up on it here.

What To Do With Leftover Egg Whites and Yolks

Sometimes you only need one part of an egg. So to save that extra yolk or whites from going to waste here are some ways to make use of them.

Bonus: How to make a McDonalds McMuffin

An egg McMuffin may be the rare drawcard that gets you to break your no-McDonalds diet after a big night. If a cheeky drive-through option isn’t available to you, here’s how to make an egg McMuffin at home.

There are countless egg hacks out there, but this round-up will get you started. We egg-courage you to try them out.

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