FYI, You’ve Been Peeling Your Boiled Eggs Wrong

FYI, You’ve Been Peeling Your Boiled Eggs Wrong

When it comes to versatile varieties of cooked eggs, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than boiled eggs. No other type of egg can go on smashed avo toast, in a tasty salad, and be eaten on its own, on the go.

You can cover them in miso paste or butter, and they’re high in lean protein and low in calories. Simply put, you love to eat it!

But, perhaps the reason we don’t talk about them enough is because of how difficult it can be to crack that boiled baby open and perfectly peel its shell? P.S. for the love of all that is holy, stop cracking your eggs on the edge of your bowl.

How exactly do you peel a boiled egg without ruining the flavour or getting eggshell cracks in your mouth hole? Keep reading for the four quintessential and ap—peel—ing—ways to perfectly peel a boiled egg, courtesy of Australian Eggs.

How to peel a boiled egg

The bowl method

  • Fill a medium-sized bowl with room temperature water.
  • Working on one egg at a time, submerge the eggs in water and crack them against the side or bottom of the bowl.
  • Simply remove the shell and watch it float into the water.

The rolling method

  • Gently tap your egg on a benchtop.
  • Roll it across the surface while applying gentle pressure with your palm. Aussie Eggs says this will create “lots of little fractures all over the shell, pulling the shell away from the clingy membrane.”
  • Peel and pick away at the eggshells.

The shaking method

  • Put your hard-boiled egg in a glass container.
  • Fill the container up with cold water and put a lid on it.
  • Give it a shake and watch the egg crack and start to release.

The blowing method

  • Tap the pointy end of your egg on the edge of a hard surface and peel off the small amount of cracked shell.
  • Do the same at the base of your egg, revealing a slightly larger hole.
  • Blow firmly at the top of the egg, forcing it to slip out of its shell.

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