Forget State of Origin, Who Is Winning in the Bedroom: QLD or NSW?

Forget State of Origin, Who Is Winning in the Bedroom: QLD or NSW?

With the State of Origin on the brain and many Aussies thinking about competition between Queensland and NSW, Lovehoney Australia thought it would investigate another area of competency for the two states: the bedroom.

Now, while we know there’s no formula to being able to say you’re good in bed, there are a couple of statistics we can look at that offer interesting insights. Sexual satisfaction is an obviously important element here, but just for fun, Lovehoney Australia also reviewed the numbers on sex toy use and masturbation.

Now, while this wasn’t exactly an academic study, the data here comes from Lovehoney Australia’s Masturbation May research, which was conducted in May 2023 and surveyed 1,005 Australians aged 18 and over. Plus, it’s kind of fun to think about.

Here’s what the sexual wellness company found.

State of Origin sex trends: Lovehoney Australia compares NSW and QLD

Taking a look at the data Lovehoney Australia has shared on NSW vs Queensland sex lives, here are the trends we found most intriguing.

“New South Welshman can take pride in the fact that they are overall more sexually satisfied (64%) than Queenslanders (55%),” Lovehoney shared in a statement.

Apparently, however, Queenslanders are more giving, with one in four (25%) having given a pal or a partner a sex toy, versus one in five (21%) folks in New South Wales.

Then, according to Lovehoney Australia, 2023 data indicates that “13% more NSW locals use solo play as a way to destress than QLDers”. …Maybe that has something to do with how unsuccessful we are with State of Origin most years?

Finally, when it comes to sex toy preferences, it appears NSW and QLD folks have fairly similar tastes. Check out the preference breakdown below.

NSW’s most popular sex toys:

  • Clitoral Stimulator (15%)
  • Dildo (14%)
  • G-Spot Vibrator (7%)

QLD’s most popular sex toys:

  • Clitoral Stimulator (13%)
  • Dildo (13%)
  • Rabbit (8%)

According to Lovehoney Australia, folks in both states enjoy solo sex using clitoral stimulation most, followed by a dildo in second place. Guess that’s useful to know if you’re gifting a pal in either state a sexy little gift in the near future.

If you’d like to see more sexy trends, here are Lovehoney Australia’s predictions on sex in 2023.

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