Want to Deliver a ‘Next-Level Hand Job’? Consider a Tenga Egg

Want to Deliver a ‘Next-Level Hand Job’? Consider a Tenga Egg
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It’s a great time to be discussing Tenga Eggs, and male masturbators in general, as we approach Masturbation May. That’s right, May is International Masturbation Month. This is a great excuse (as if you needed one) to set aside some time for yourself, get to know the ins and outs of your body, and prioritise your own sexual pleasure.

Tenga Egg 101

So, what are Tenga Eggs and how do they work? Firstly, Tenga is a Japanese sex toy-maker that does things differently. If you’re looking to get your hands on Tenga products in Australia, Lovehoney has over 15 amazing sex toys made by Tenga and some of their inventions look more like sculptures than sex toys.

The Tenga Egg sex toys themselves are unbelievably soft, squishable little love egg male masturbators made from delicate, super stretchy elastomer and designed for single use. The inside of the egg is lined with an array of textures that comprise the internal ribbing which is designed to deliver a wide range of sensations. The Tegna Eggs do come with their own instructions and even a little sachet of lube included. 

How do you use one?

tenga egg sex toy
Image via Lovehoney website.

Using a Tenga Egg is very easy. To begin, apply the supplied lube generously to the inside hollow of your Egg. The more lube the better, I also recommend adding some to your penis for good measure. Pinch the tip of the Tenga Egg, like you would a condom, then place it over the end of your penis and slip it on. Like a condom, the Egg will stretch all the way to accommodate your penis, no matter the size. Give it a stretch to see the full measure of the Egg’s stretchability and get to playing.

Tenga Eggs are a popular toy for many reasons, one of which is their versatility for not just solo play but also couple play as well. If your partner has a vulva, surprise them by turning your Tenga Egg inside out. Now those heavenly textures are on the outside of the toy. Add some lube to the outside, slip your fingers inside and gently apply the Egg to the clitoris. 

There are also rave reviews from people who have used the Tenga Eggs on their partners to deliver next-level hand jobs. Want more fun? Slip a bullet vibe into the egg. That will deliver brand new sensations. Or you could even slide the inside-out Egg over a wand vibrator or any dildo vibrator.

Other reasons to love these little eggs include them being an inexpensive masturbator, you can throw them away, or clean them a few times to reuse them (reusing them is certainly the more eco-friendly option). They’re also small enough to hide in a sock and carry when travelling. The Tenga Eggs look unassuming so they won’t scare anyone who finds them. Containing their own lube is convenient, and containing your jizz is a bonus.

Introducing novel sensations and unique stimulation to your experience of masturbation is a powerful way to explore your body and pleasure in a new way. Aside from Tenga Eggs, there is a whole world of different male masturbators and sex toys that when explored offer their own totally unique experience. 

Cam Fraser is a Lovehoney Sex Coach.

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