I’ve Been Using Garbage Bags Wrong My Entire Life

I’ve Been Using Garbage Bags Wrong My Entire Life

TikTok has taught us a lot of obvious hacks in life, whether it be the best way to watch movies on a plane or how to keep your electric toothbrush clean. They’re life skills that should be obvious, but we always seem to be learning them too late. Lo and behold, another life hack we wish we had known sooner – your roll of garbage bags belongs in the bin.

TikTok star @sidneyraz, who has shown us many hacks we should’ve known earlier, brings us this one.

The gist of the situation is that when you’re lining your bin with a new garbage bag, you should keep the bag connected to the roll and then place the entire roll of bags into the base of your trash container, instead of tearing them off one at a time.


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It makes the transition of changing from one bin liner to the next seamless, and you’ll never lose your roll of bin bags again.

The only possible downside to this scenario is what to do if your bin happens to leak, which could result in gross garbage juice dripping over your roll of bags. Yes, Virgos, we hear you.

You could line your bin base with newspaper to alleviate the situation somewhat or try using heavy-duty bin liners, but really it’s just one of those risks you have to be ok with taking.

You’ll also want to be careful removing your full bag of rubbish so that it doesn’t split when you tear off the new bag.

Is this getting too complicated? Probably. But if it suits your style of everyday living, go forth and enjoy this hack.

If you want to continue on your life hack learning journey, we’ve also got tips from @sidneyraz on wearing a travel pillow properly and swallowing tablets correctly.

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