Use A Paper Towel Bar As A Garbage Bag Dispenser

Use a Paper Towel Bar as a Garbage Bag Dispenser

If you still have your empty garbage bags sitting under the sink in the box you bought them in, try this storage method instead. Just take the huge roll of garbage bags out of the box they came in, slide them onto a paper towel bar, and you have a space-saving, one-handed garbage bag dispenser.

Yeah, it looks a little silly, but the photo above tells the tale. We can see this being especially useful if you have a portable paper towel rack that can sit on the wall near the rubbish bin or in the garage. Besides, pulling one off the roll when you need it definitely beats fumbling for a loose bag in the box. Most garbage bag rolls will sit neatly on the roll, and as you pull one bag off, the roll spins and makes the next one available whenever you need it.

Unclutterer suggests buying a spare roll you can stash anywhere and mounting your garbage bags on it. The original tip was specifically to make yard-work easier. Whichever approach you take, give it a try. It works like a charm.

A paper towel bar to dispense trash can liners [Pinterest via Unclutterer]


    I've been doing that since i moved into my new place which had a paper roll holder mounted on the wall and we already had a standalone one for paper, i use the coles scented garbage bags, these come on a cardboard tube and the bags cling nicely (it looks tidier than the photo above that has part of the bag hanging down) and the tube keeps the integrity of the roll so its good upto and including the last bag.

    Its made it so much easier when taking the bins out.

    Having them in sight is also a good reminder when your low on bags to get more.

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