You’ve Been Putting Your Garbage Bags In The Wrong Way This Whole Time

You’ve Been Putting Your Garbage Bags In The Wrong Way This Whole Time
Credit: TikTok @edieobanion

Today in things that make me question everything about my adult life, I’ve learnt that I have never (not once) put a garbage bag into a bin the right way before.

This seemingly simple task has never really been one I’ve spent much time thinking about if I’m being completely honest. I’ve always just taken my garbage bag of choice, shaken it to shit to get some air in there, and proceeded to line my bin with it.

Easy, right? Apparently, not.

As this newly-viral TikTok video has shown me – and a bunch of other people – the most popular means of lining a bin is completely incorrect.

TikTok creator @edieobanion recently shared a video in which she trials the correct way to line a bin with a garbage bag, and it’s shocking how much easier this approach seems.

In the video, you see Edie demonstrating the standard “shake the shit out of the bag” technique with the caption, “Don’t do this. The bags come inside out.”

Then, along with the caption “do this instead” she shows the correct bin-lining technique.

How to insert a garbage bag correctly

Here is what her TikTok video teaches us.

Step 1. Take the edges of the garbage bag (or the opening of the bag) and pull it over the top of your bin.

Step 2. From here, all you need to do is tuck the body of the garbage bag into the bin.

Doing it this way will leave you with a bin lining that’s the correct way around, and it also means you don’t have to tire out your arms shaking a bag around every time you need to put a bag in the bin.

Watch the full TikTok hack here:


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