Line Your Garbage Bin With Newspapers To Absorb Gross Drips

Given the fact that I have to transport my kitchen trash down two flights of stairs and down a hallway, garbage bags are not something I skimp on. But it seems that no matter how "good" these bags are, there is always a damp, smelly spot in the bottom of my bin.

Photo by Jon S.

This probably has more to do with ambient moisture being trapped by the bag than leaks, but it's still very annoying. Luckily, these issues are quite easy to solve. As Reddit user randomusefulbits points out, all you need is some old newspaper. Just place the newspaper in the bottom of the bin — randomusefulbits places theirs inside the bag, but you could put it outside too — and toss your refuse as usual. Please note that the paper will only absorb incidental moisture given off by moist foods and not a pint of beer or cup of soup; dump that stuff down the sink.


    I would need to buy newspapers in order to have newspaper to use this trick.

    Although, given the quality of most newspapers, absorbing disgusting bin juices seems like an appropriate use for them.

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