I’ve Been Swiping Between iPhone Apps Wrong My Entire Life

I’ve Been Swiping Between iPhone Apps Wrong My Entire Life

It’s a new year and it’s time to learn some new things. There’s no doubt that 2022 was the year the Lifehacker AU team learned things we really should have known sooner, and that continues into 2023. Today’s lesson? I’ve been swiping between apps on my iPhone wrong this entire time.

I’m a long-time iPhone user and I’m pretty obsessed with my current iPhone 14 Pro. Yet I’ve been alerted to the fact that an easy way to switch between apps has been lying under my nose this entire time. 

How to switch between iPhone apps

Like so many others, this hack has come from wise TikTok sage @sidneyraz, who has previously shown us a neat trick with travel pillows.

In the video, it’s revealed that you can easily flick between iPhone apps by using your thumb to swipe horizontally from the bottom corner of the screen.


after YEARS i can just swipe? #todayilearned #tipsandtricks #iphone #lifehack #iphonetricks

♬ original sound – sidneyraz

It’s kind of like the four-finger swipe on a Macbook touchpad that allows you to scroll between desktops (if you did not know this was a thing, you’re welcome).

While I knew that swiping up from the bottom of your iPhone allows you to close your apps, I was not aware that you could flick between them (in fullscreen) in a single movement. You don’t have to return to the home screen each time you want to switch apps.

I know, I am ashamed of myself too. Consider this me handing in my tech journalist card.

Oh and it gets better, @sydneyraz uploaded a follow-up video revealing that you can also swipe between Spotify songs in the lower play bar. My mind can only take so much.


spotify SWIPES too!? #todayilearned #spotify #tipsandtricks #apps

♬ original sound – sidneyraz

To avoid more awkward iPhone mishaps feel free to peruse more insightful articles on the iPhone’s hidden start-up sound, underused back tap function and other great new features from the latest iOS 16 update.

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