I’ve Been Swallowing Capsules Wrong My Whole Life

I’ve Been Swallowing Capsules Wrong My Whole Life

Today in things I didn’t know I didn’t know, it turns out I’ve been swallowing tablets (i.e. pills like painkillers) the wrong way for my entire life. This is hugely significant not just because it’s a basic life skill, but because I hate swallowing tablets and always gag when doing it. Had I known I never learnt the correct way to do this, I may have saved myself years of eye-watering (slightly dramatic) uncomfortable attempts to get down medication.

Anyway. You may be fully aware that tossing your head back when swallowing capsules is incorrect, but I, friends, was not. So when I saw @sidneyraz’s TikTok explaining the right way to swallow tablets, I was shocked.

How to properly swallow tablets and capsules

Per TikTok creator @sidneyraz’s video, the more effective way of swallowing tablets is tipping your head forward not backwards. There is a caveat with this, however. In the comments section, folks have pointed out that it’s actually better to tip your head forward when swallowing capsules “because they float” and tipping your head back is best for tablets “because they sink”.

I personally tried this with a capsule last night, and it worked a treat. Just obviously, be careful and don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with.

But @sidneyraz is not the first person to bring this to the attention of the public. NPR has written before about the fact that for some people who struggle to swallow capsules, popping it on your tongue, taking a medium sip of water and leaning your head forward can be helpful.

This hack joins our lessons on using a microwave, straining pasta water correctly, wearing a travel pillow and filling up an ice tray the right way. Truly, it’s shocking how many things we never learnt to do properly. Anyway, if you enjoy swallowing tablets with the head forward method, let us know in the comments.

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