You’re Gonna Want to Take ALDI’s New Sleep Range to Bed

You’re Gonna Want to Take ALDI’s New Sleep Range to Bed

If your New Year’s Resolution was to improve your sleeping habits, ALDI’s new Sleep Well range, Sweet Dreams Special Buys, is here to help.

That’s right, two of the greatest things, ALDI and a solid night’s sleep, have teamed up to create the restful collection.

From a 3D Airflow Pillow to a weighted blanket, ALDI’s Sweet Dreams Sleep Well range will help you refresh your bedding and get a good night’s sleep. And, let’s be honest, there are very few things out there more important than mastering your snooze routine and landing yourself a restful night of rest.

Let’s check out what’s included in ALDI’s newest Special Buys range.

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Image: ALDI

ALDI Sleep Well Sweet Dreams Special Buys range

Weighted Blanket – $69.99

Everyone wants a weighted blanket these days, but ALDI’s comes at a much cheaper price than most.

This weighted blanket is filled with high-density glass beads encased in a secured bamboo/cotton inner. It’s also available in 6.8 kg or 9.0 kg sizes.

When you do eventually get your hands on one of ALDI’s weighted blanket from the Sleep Well range, here’s how to clean it properly.

Weighted Eye Mask – $19.99

Anti-Snore Pillow – $19.99 

Ventilated Memory Foam Pillows – $39.99

(FYI, if you need some pointers, here’s a simple guide on how to wash memory foam pillows.)

Talalay Latex Pillows – $39.99

V Shape Memory Foam Pillow with Cover – $34.99 

Image: ALDI

Outlast Pillow – $29.99 

3D Airflow Pillow – $19.99 

The Sleep Well range hits ALDI stores on Wednesday, January 25.

You can check out the entire ALDI Special Buys page here. You can check the Delay Page here to see which of the Sleep Well range will be available at your local store.

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