McDonald’s Winter Menu Has New Burgers and Collectable Glasses

McDonald’s Winter Menu Has New Burgers and Collectable Glasses
Image: McDonald's (Supplied)

Winter means a shift in the menu for many as we move from refreshing salads and outdoor barbecues to the comfort of soups and slow-cooked meals to warm us up in the cooler months. It’s also a time of change for McDonald’s which has launched its new winter menu in Australia.

The new menu features the return of some fan favourites as well as a few new items that will surely become fan favourites.

Update: This article has been updated with the latest items on McDonald’s winter menu.

McDonald’s new winter menu for 2022

mcdonalds winter menu mighty angus
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

The new winter menu heralds the return of the ever-popular Mighty Angus burger.

If you’re unfamiliar with this McDonald’s favourite, it consists of two 100% Aussie Angus beef patties, cheese, bacon, red onion, chunky tomato relish and McChicken sauce in a soft gourmet bun.

The Mighty Angus is the perfect replacement for those missing the Aussie Angus from Macca’s summer menu.

Also in celebration of its Quarter Pounder, Macca’s has since updated its winter menu with a few variations on the classic burger.

The Quarter Pounder Deluxe is the iconic burger with a fresh twist adding crispy lettuce and fresh tomato on top of the classic beef patty, cheese, onion and mustard.

Macca’s is also bringing back the Quarter Pounder Bacon which, as expected, is the classic burger with some added bacon.

Also if you’re a fan of the QP burger, here’s a reminder that Macca’s is slinging free burgers for a limited time on August 3, and cheap delivery with Deliveroo for the next couple of weeks.

In the snack department, McDonald’s will once again be selling Mozzarella sticks. These Mozzarella batons are breaded in a golden crust and fried, then served with a chunky tomato relish.

As for new items, we have a couple of desserts to munch on.

For the first time Macca’s is introducing a Crème Brulee Pie and Crème Brulee McFlurry to the menu.

mcdonalds winter menu mcflurry
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

The Crème Brulee Pie is a reinvention of Macca’s classic Apple Pie and fills crispy pastry with smooth creme custard and burn caramel filling. It’s served piping hot and is the perfect winter warmer.

On the chillier side, we have the Crème Brulee McFlurry, which pairs vanilla soft serve ice cream with a crispy pastry filled with custard and burn caramel filling. Plus there’s a drizzle of warm caramel topping to cap things off.

mcdonalds glasses winter menu
Image: McDonald’s

One more thing. If you’re a fan of Macca’s themed cups we have good news. The fast food chain is giving away a collectable glass with the purchase of any medium or large Quarter Pounder range meal. There are four to collect, each with a heritage Macca’s logo.

The new and returning items on McDonald’s winter menu are available now in Macca’s restaurants nationwide. Get in quick, though, because once winter is over, these items will disappear.

ICYMI, Macca’s is also trialling the new McPlant burger in certain Aussie stores if that’s more your style.

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