This Wearable Blanket Is Perfect For When You’ve Just Had Enough

This Wearable Blanket Is Perfect For When You’ve Just Had Enough
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For my super sweet 29th birthday, my brother and sister-in-law gifted me with a tartan Comfy (essentially a wearable blanket) that I immediately buried myself in and have rarely taken off since.

After moving into a new place without furniture, a fridge or a literal seat (huge squatter vibes), The Comfy has been my minor solace over the past week, almost making me forget I don’t own anything else.

This Wearable Blanket Is Perfect For When You’ve Just Had Enough
Furniture’s overrated

What is this wearable blanket thing?

Designed to look like an oversized hoodie, complete with arms, a hood and a kangaroo pouch to store your snacks, the Comfy is lined with thick fleece, making it an absolute oven on days when the weather exceeds 15 degrees Celcius. Bear in mind that I tend to run incredibly warm and often wear shorts in winter and complain about the office heating, so for the cold-blooded folks out there, The Comfy wearable blanket will be heaven. However, if you warm up faster than a hog in heat, you’ll have to reserve it for days when it’s icy cold.

The other day it was 16 and slightly overcast and I was dying by about 11am. I wasn’t even wearing pants so that should be a solid indicator of just how toasty this literal wearable blanket is.

The other benefit is that if you’re also legally squatting in a furniture-less home, The Comfy gives you a bit of cushioning for when you’re working away on the floor. Perhaps that’s a niche perk, though.

While the design is very cute for what is essentially a wearable blanket, I wouldn’t say you could wear it out of the house without turning a few heads, although believe me when I say people have certainly tried – I’ve spotted two Comfy-wearers at Woolies alone.

You have to admire their boldness.

Currently over at Amazon for $59.99 and free shipping with Prime, The Comfy wearable blanket comes in a tonne of colours (including camouflage for you winter hunters out there), although oddly enough the tartan pattern appears to be missing. Clearly, they’re walking out the door.

So, should I buy it?

So to recap: if you tend to run warm, this wearable blanket is solid on those icy cold days but you may have to pop it in your cupboard between spring and autumn, but if you’re a freezing Freddie then you might have just found your new forever home.

In terms of washing, I’m yet to try it out as I don’t want to lose that initial straight-outta-the-box feel, but their website says you can just chuck it in the washing machine (set to cold) and you can tumble dry them separately.

With that said, wash with caution and triple-check that the machine isn’t set to hot.

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