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Small form factor PCs have traditionally been a story of compromise. In order to fit a full PC into a case the size of a book, they've had to cut back on processing power, storage, and ports for connecting to peripherals. But the advent of fast SSDs, and smaller but powerful processors that don't generate massive levels of heat have changed the equation significantly. Intel has been one of the leaders with their NUC (Next Unit of Computing) range of PCs. The NUC VR Machine is a system that will meet the needs of almost any computer user.


NAS devices have transformed from simple storage devices into multimedia and data management centres that are as much at home in the home as they are in the office. The QNAP TS-453Be straddles that line between work and play, offering a bunch of connectivity, applications and storage options. And while it offers a rich set of features, it's let down by some usability challenges.


Razer Blades are instantly recognizable for their sleek, black coat and glowing green triple-snake logo -- and they're powerful units. Some of the most impressively designed and specced-up gaming laptops you can find. We've looked at the Stealth in the past and were very happy with it, overall - so how does it's Big Daddy, the Razer Blade Pro, stack up?