Golden Gaytime Bites Are Real and I Dare You Not to Eat the Whole Pack

Golden Gaytime Bites Are Real and I Dare You Not to Eat the Whole Pack

Golden Gaytimes were an underrated ice cream for far too long, but they’re certainly having their moment in the spotlight now. From being turned into popcorn to the delicious crumbs being sold in a can, Golden Gaytime is seemingly everywhere right now. Not to mention there’s another new snack coming our way. Allow us to introduce you to Golden Gaytime Bites.

Golden Gaytime Bites are an innovative take on the classic treat that essentially divides up the creamy ice cream into snack-size pieces, minus the stick. Each piece is a combination of biscuit, ice cream and chocolate, bringing together everything you love in a Golden Gaytime into a smaller package.

It’s perfect for those times you just want a little dessert but can’t manage an entire ice cream. Impossible to imagine, I know, but we appreciate the option nevertheless.

Each box contains 16 Golden Gaytime bites, which is more than enough to share around. The small size is deceiving though, so be careful you don’t find yourself accidentally scoffing the entire thing.

If you do manage to restrain yourself the bites come in a resealable package so you can save a few for next time.

“Shareable, snackable ‘bite-sized’ treats have exploded in different segments and we’re so thrilled to launch bite-sized in the freezer aisle, creating an entirely new ice cream category through Golden Gaytime Bites, a delicious new treat to satisfy your ultimate cravings,” Golden Gaytime spokesperson Annie Lucchitti said.

“The Golden Gaytime is famous for being Australia’s most delicious, fun treat and with a brand new format, we’ve been able to create the perfect size for more Golden moments than ever before. For those moments when you’re after “just a bite”, a treat yourself moment or have a few friends over to watch a movie or the footy, ‘Bites’ are exactly what you’re looking for!”

The Golden Gaytime Bites are available in Woolworths supermarkets as of March 7. They’ll cost you $11 for a box.

When you’re done with that you can also check out the Golden Gaytime Coco Pops mash-up if you like your dessert and breakfast together.

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