McDonald’s Is Adding Three New Items to Its Summer Menu, Including Onion Rings

McDonald’s Is Adding Three New Items to Its Summer Menu, Including Onion Rings
Images: McDonald's (Supplied)

McDonald’s has come out swinging with new menu items lately. Following a month of epic November deals and the introduction of the drool-worthy Tim Tam McFlurry, Macca’s has revealed three new meals are making their way to the menu for summer.

What new menu items does McDonald’s have for summer?

The summer items include a bunch of returning favourites. You’ll want to get in quick though because they’re only here while summer lasts.

On the McDonald’s summer menu we have:

Chicken Big Mac

chicken big mac mcdonalds summer
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

After a three-year hiatus, the one-of-kind Chicken Big Mac is back and set to tingle tastebuds with its golden chicken patties smothered in special Big Mac sauce with lettuce, onions, cheese and pickles.

Bacon Big Mac

mcdonalds bacon big mac summer
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

The iconic Big Mac with an added delicious twist. Delicious bacon rashers stacked on top of juicy beef patties with cheese, special Big Mac sauce, pickles, lettuce and onions.

Onion Rings with BBQ sauce

onion rings mcdonalds menu
Image: McDonald’s (Supplied)

Dipped in batter and fried to perfection, crispy and crunchy Onion Rings are served with a tub of sweet and smokey BBQ sauce.

Yes, you read that right – onion rings!!!

You’ll find these three new menu items in McDonald’s stores across the country and via McDelivery from December 1.

I know that’s scary because it means it’s December already (!), but at least you can eat your feelings with some new onion rings and a chicken Big Mac.

Macca’s is also dropping a new summer campaign with $23 million worth of prizes up for grabs. If you spend over $10 on the MyMacca’s app between December 1 and December 28 you’re guaranteed to win a prize.

There’s everything from cars and home cinema systems to cinema vouchers and merch on offer, as well as a bunch of free food from McDonald’s.

Sounds like there’s a lot to love at McDonald’s this summer. If you want to add a little more heat to the season you can also try McDonald’s McSpicy chilli range, which is available in restaurants now.

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