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How to Safely Take Kids to the Playground

I cannot tell you that by going to a playground right now, you or your child aren’t exposing yourselves to at least some risk of contracting COVID-19. But I see you out there, parents of little kids who are desperate to get them out of the house and burn off…

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How to Get Your Kids to Read More This Winter

Getting our kids to read consistently can be a challenge. We’ve written quite a bit about reading over the years, so I’ve curated for you some of our best tips for little kids and big kids, as well as some overall trickier tactics we endorse.

‘Invest’ In Your Kid’s Creative Holiday Project

‘Invest’ In Your Kid’s Creative Holiday Project

As one parent in our Offspring Facebook parenting group looked ahead to the holidays, he decided that his kids needed a purpose. An organising principle. A project. So Isaac Elias and his partner created a presentation in Google Docs, set up a meeting and announced to their kids: This holiday,…