McDonald’s Fancy ‘Create Your Taste’ Burgers Are Now Available Everywhere

McDonald’s Fancy ‘Create Your Taste’ Burgers Are Now Available Everywhere
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Late last year, McDonald’s Australia introduced its first Create Your Taste restaurant: a premium dining experience focusing on gourmet ingredients, sit-down service and burger customisation via in-store touch screens. The system is now available in every McDonald’s restaurant across the country. That was quick.

When we last reported on McDonald’s Create Your Taste concept, there was a grand total of four outlets to choose from. As of last week, Create Your Taste burgers are being offered in all McDonald’s restaurants nationwide. (You can find the closest to you here.)

In place of quick, in-and-out service and cheap food, the “Create Your Taste” experience boasts a touch screen kiosk where customers can create their own burgers from more than 30 ingredients. Many of these toppings are not available on the standard menu, such as pineapple, grilled mushrooms and four types of cheese.

If it’s been a while since you ventured into a McDonald’s restaurant, this video will give you an idea of what to expect:

You can also read our in-depth taste test here. (TLDR; While a bit pricey for fast food, it’s the best McDonald’s burger I’ve tasted by a significant margin. We just wish there was beer on the menu, like at Grill’d.)

We’re keen to hear what our readers think of McDonald’s DIY reinvention. Are the Create Your Taste burgers worth the money? Do you prefer them to McDonald’s standard menu? Or is the whole concept a disastrous misfire that falls between two very different stools? Share your opinion in the comments!


  • I have to say that I was really impressed with the create your taste stuff.

    The ingredients seem to be a bit better quality than standard Maccas stuff, and the customization is good.

    While a little pricey, I will admit that its the first time I was satisfied with a meal from Maccas in a long time, so maybe the price is kinda worth it

    • Around October chicken will be an option.

      For now if you want chicken: select pay at counter, select no meat, finish, when u pay ask them to add a chicken (of ur choice) to the order. If it’s quite even ask them to ask the kitchen to put it in, we do at my store. Tada: chicken for a little extra work. And cheaper too!

  • We found it to be surprisingly good, it still tasted like a McDonalds burger overall but had some nicer toppings. We’d get it more often if there was a way to order for drive-thru though – most of our McDonalds trips are of the “I don’t want to get out of the car and be seen in public” variety.

  • I tried it a few weeks ago and the burger was really good, extremely tasty and the ingredients on offer were interesting. However, at the end of the day I spent $18 for a custom burger, fries and coke. You can spend $20 at a fish and chip shop or burger bar and get a lot more food that’s just as nice.

    ALSO! I was not offered table service like in the video! I had to collect my own order.

    • Depending if you selected eat on or takeaway you will either get table service or your burger in a fancy box placed in a carry bag expecilly made for CYT

  • We loved the ones we made :). Hope they are here to stay and enough people support it 🙂

  • The ‘chef’s selections’ ones in the same vein aren’t bad either. The cheeseburger is crazy good.

    One problem I have with EVERY make-your-own/chef-selection I’ve tried is that they all come with a TONNE of grease and oil. So much more than any other burger. Even the surface of the burgers themselves are slick with oil and grease.

    One I arranged to have done take-out came in halves that you are to squish together and doing so resulted in a splash of oil in the tray similar to as if I’d accidentally tipped out the last quarter of my water bottle.

    SO MUCH GREASE AND OIL. I usually roll my eyes and internally call someone a hippie whiner when I hear folks complain about oil on Dominos pizzas, because I love that stuff (loose and drippy is how a pizza should be!) but even I have found this a bit crazy in the new maccas burgers.

    • Odd. No oil/greese is added during cooking (such as spray oil), they’re meant to drain of the natural juice that comes out of the meat for a 5-10 second moment before placing on the burger. Complain and ask for fresh burger.

      100% Quality 100% Taste. If that happened at my store I’d come down on the crew like a ton of bricks.

      • Interesting. I’ve had the same experience on four separate occasions at the Woolloongabba store – my work local – so I assumed that’s just how they’re done. Still delicious but holy greasy buns batman. Might have to try a different store, maybe someone’s not training the Qld folks right. The menu options exist in the mcdelivery page but that page has error’ed out every time I’ve tried to select it on the Bris Albion store, at home.

        • I had the same problem. I’ve ordered 4 “create your taste” burgers for my kids and they came all greasy, it was disgusting.

  • Love it, love it, love it!

    Best thing in fast food since, well the burger. Great quality, love the customisation and with a fussy family being able to customise everything yourself, even standard menu items is a darn lot easier than relaying it to some kid in a busy noise restaurant. McDonalds is our new favourite place to eat.

  • Caboolture burgers are excellent.Not at Roma Street Station yet,I think they are closing down soon,but cheery excellent staff.

  • Love it!! My local store now has a loyalty card so every 5th or something is free. I really love the CYT salads too! Surprisingly so good!!! And cheaper than a restaurant. I’ll definitely be going back for lots of salads 😀

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