Where and When You Can Watch the Dexter Revival in Australia

Where and When You Can Watch the Dexter Revival in Australia
Image: Showtime
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Dexter may have ended in 2013 but the Bay Harbour Butcher hasn’t put his knife down just yet. In 2021 we’ll be treated to Dexter: New Blood a sequel to the serial killer series we all know and love.

Here’s what you need to know about the new Dexter TV series in Australia.

When does Dexter: New Blood take place?

Dexter: New Blood is a revival of the original TV series and will follow our favourite vigilante killer – Dexter Morgan.

The sequel will pick up 10 years after the events of the finale we’d all rather forget and shows Dexter living a new life in a small town in New York. He has a new identity, a new job and a new love in Angela, the town’s chief of police.

Dexter has mostly managed to suppress his serial killer tendencies but when the new series kicks off a string of strange incidents his “dark passenger” arises once again.

A trailer for the revival debuted at Comic-Con at home recently, showing Dexter’s attempts at a blood-free life slowly unravelling.

Showtime has also released a second trailer that gives us a few more story details from the new sequel. We also get our first look at Deb’s return and a look at Dexter’s grown-up son, Harrison.

Who’s involved?

Image: Kurt Iswarienko/SHOWTIME

No Dexter series would be complete without the serial killer himself and Michael C. Hall is back in his award-winning role.

He’s joined by Julia Jones (The Mandalorian), Alano Miller (Jane the Virgin), Johnny Sequoyah (Believe), Jack Alcott (The Good Lord Bird) and Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption).

Fans will also see some of their Dexter favourites make a cameo appearance in New Blood with John Lithgow confirmed to be appearing.

Jennifer Carpenter also recently confirmed she’ll be appearing in a series regular role as Dexter’s deceased sister Deb, who will essentially serve as Dexter’s new ‘Harry’ aka dark passenger.

Carpenter said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that her return wouldn’t be as simple as just being a voice in Dexter’s head:

I thought the only reason to bring the show back was so we could see what would become of an unmedicated, unchecked, unpunished, decoded, serial killer. What would the dark passion passenger look like if it had an all-access pass to this man? I wanted to come back and haunt him, comfort him, console him, encourage him, love him, hate him, and ruin him.

Producers also confirmed that Dexter will come across a teenage version of Harrison (played by Jack Alcott), the son he abandoned when he was five, and will have to work hard to win him over.

What do you need to know before watching?

If you’ve missed eight seasons of Dexter you may be confused as to what’s going on in New Blood. If you want to catch up on those before watching you can find them on Paramount+.

All you really need to know is that Dexter Morgan was a forensic technician by day and a vigilante serial killer by night. For years he kept his murderous urges in check with a moral code that dictated he only kill other murderers who had escaped justice.

In the season eight finale (spoilers ahead) Dexter manages to kill his nemesis Oliver Saxon and get away with it on the plea of self-defence. Unfortunately, Saxon managed to shoot Dexter’s beloved sister Deb who ended up suffering a stroke and becoming brain dead.

Dexter takes Deb out on his boat and drops her in the ocean in an emotional goodbye and it appears he then commits suicide by driving into a hurricane. Meanwhile, Dexter’s lover Hannah managed to escape town with his son Harrison.

We then pick up with Dexter in Oregan where he has clearly faked his death and is working as a lumberjack.

When we pick up in Dexter: New Blood, ten years will have passed and Dexter is clearly not a lumberjack anymore.

Where can you watch the Dexter revival in Australia?

dexter new blood australia
Image: Paramount+

Dexter: New Blood premiered on November 7, 2021, on Paramount+ in Australia.

Paramount+ is Australia’s newest streaming service and for $8.99 a month, Aussies can access a bunch of Showtime series and other favourites as well as all eight seasons of the original Dexter.

Will Dexter: New Blood be worth your time?

As with all revivals for hugely popular titles, there’s a lot riding on the performance of this show. Fans will be expecting a lot. So, what does Rotten Tomatoes tell us so far?

Dexter: New Blood season 1 is sitting at a mildly underwhelming fresh score of 69% with critics and has a much more positive audience rating of 100%, so far. It’s early days yet, however, so expect that to change somewhat.

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