6 Anxiety Rings to Help Distract You From Your Worries

6 Anxiety Rings to Help Distract You From Your Worries
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TikTok’s algorithm obviously has me pinned as the anxious type, and I won’t argue with it. As someone who often finds themselves in a constant state of anxiousness, I’ve found that I have some pretty self-destructive habits, and TikTok has also shown me that I might be able to remedy some of them with an anxiety ring.

Anxiety rings or fidget rings were designed for anxious people (like me) who often find themselves constantly picking at things like their nails, cuticles and acne. Therapists believe that skin picking or playing with your hair is often a result of stress or anxiety and that typically people are unaware that they’re even doing it. So these little fidget rings help avoid those little bad habits by giving you something outside of your own body to focus on (and fidget with).


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Coming in a range of different styles and metals, fidget rings often have features like moveable beads or twistable metal loops that you can naturally play with without destroying your skin/cuticles. Sounds pretty simple, huh?! It’s easy to see why the fidget rings hashtag has amassed over 73 million views on TikTok.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some super cute and affordable options for you to try out.

Fibo Steel 3Pcs Stainless Steel Spinner Ring, $17.74 – $22.87

anxiety ringThis set of anxiety rings comes with three different designs – a flower spinner ring, moon and star fidget ring, and a triple interlocked rolling spinner ring – so you can pick one that suits your style. It comes in both silver and rose gold, and is available in a variety of sizes.

You can buy the Fibo Steel 3Pcs Stainless Steel Spinner Ring ($17.74 – $22.87) from Amazon here.

Fibo Steel Anxiety Rings, $23.17 (20 pk)

If you’re looking for something cute to distract you from picking at your acne, aside from pimple patches, why not try these colourful anxiety rings? Coming in a pack of 20, these little babies are customisable so they can fit on any finger.

You can buy a 20 pack of Fibo Steel Anxiety Rings ($23.17) from Amazon here.

FRCOLOR 3Pcs Stainless Steel Fidget Ring, $22.82

anxiety rings

This three-piece stainless steel fidget ring set is the perfect way to test out anxiety rings for yourself. You get three different coloured rings, silver, gold and rose gold, and all of them are completely adjustable to fit any placement on your finger.

You can buy the FRCOLOR 3Pcs Stainless Steel Fidget Rings, $22.82) from Amazon here.

YangQian Fidget Ring, $9.99

anxiety ring

This anxiety ring features three tiny beads that help divert your attention and relax when you’re feeling anxious. It’s a simple yet effective way to help you stop picking at your nails or cuticles if that’s something you tend to do.

You can buy the YangQian Fidget Ring ($9.99) from Amazon here.

VAVOLO Anxiety Bead Ring, $11.99

anxiety rings

This beaded anxiety ring is completely adjustable so that you can wear it on any finger. It has four small beads that you can twirl around your finger instead of picking when you’re stressed.

You can buy the VAVOLO Anxiety Bead Ring ($11.99) from Amazon here.

Rioso 5Pcs Fidget Anxiety Rings, $26.54

anxiety ring

With five different anxiety rings to choose from, this set from Rioso is excellent value for money. Each spinner rings is made from environmentally sourced copper, is suitable for sensitive skin (read: It won’t turn your finger green), and has a different spinning feature.

You can buy the Rioso 5Pcs Fidget Anxiety Rings ($26.54) from Amazon here.

Daikokubashira Pearl Anxiety Ring, $17

Designed with an open end, you can change this ring size to be a standard ring, a pinky ring, a midi ring, a thumb ring whenever you find it most comfortable. Each set is a mix of pearl and metal beads and comes in both silver and gold.

You can buy the Daikokubashira Pearl Anxiety Ring ($17) from Etsy here.

OpulenceLine Anxiety Ring, $13.50

fidget rings

We’re obsessed with this little pearl anxiety ring from Etsy. Not only is it super affordable, but it also looks chic, is completely adjustable and will help you stop picking at your fingers when you’re anxious.

You can buy the OpulenceLine Anxiety Ring ($13.50) from Etsy here.

If your nails are in need of a little loving after all that picking, you can find some really affordable nail kits right here.

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