7 Anxiety Dog Beds for That Nervous Pooch of Yours

7 Anxiety Dog Beds for That Nervous Pooch of Yours
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If you’ve recently become a dog owner, you’ve probably learnt that, like you, your furry friends can suffer from anxiety, too. 

Anxiety is common among dogs for a number of reasons — some are anxious due to situational circumstances like separation anxiety (especially after spending all that time at home with them during the pandemic) or being afraid of thunderstorms. Other anxieties can simply be put down to their natural disposition. 

A dog’s anxiety is often expressed through behaviours like constant barking, excessive grooming or licking of the paws, snapping or acting aggressively around other people and animals, destroying everything from clothes to furniture, or even peeing indoors despite being housebroken. All of which can be distressing for both the dog and you, as its owner. 

To help alleviate a pooch’s anxiety, they need to undergo training and positive reinforcement. One way you can support your pupperino is by making sure they have a warm, cosy anxiety dog bed to feel safe in.

There are two styles of anxiety dog beds that work particularly well for anxious canines: The bolster bed and the cave style. 

A bolster bed has raised edges that run along the sides of a dog bed and are great for dogs who like to curl up or lean against something when they sleep. This style of bed helps your pup to feel safe and protected. 

A cave style dog bed is perfect if your doggo loves to burrow or nest under blankets to feel safe and secure. We recommend looking for one with a soft, cosy inside that’s made from fabrics like fleece or wool. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up a range of different anxiety dog beds varying in style, colour and size, so you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. 

Bolster Style Anxiety Dog Beds: 

Pet Terrain Luxury Calming Dog Bed $52.95

dog anxiety bed, anxiety dog bed

The Pet Terrain Luxury Dog Bed is lined with premium ultra-soft faux fur material, which is very gentle on your furry friend’s nose and paws. The raised rim design creates a sense of security and provides head and neck support for dogs who love to curl up in a safe, cosy and calming bed. It’s also super easy to clean. The bed covers are completely removable and machine safe. The smart design also means the bed filling is not required to be washed each time. The dog bed is constructed with durable fabric and strong stitching, preventing tears and rips at seams and ensuring the bed can keep its shape over time. The bed base is well-padded, providing support for joints and muscles, while the non-skid bottom provides stability. The Pet terrain Luxury Calming Dog Bed is available in three generous sizes — small, medium and large. 

Buy the Pet Terrain Luxury Calming Dog Bed ($52.95) from Amazon here.

FurHaven Pet Dog Bed $172.61

7 Anxiety Dog Beds for That Nervous Pooch of Yours

The FurHaven Pet Dog Bed is perfect for pets young and old. Lined with faux fleece and chenille soft woven sofa-style memory foam, it’s designed to provide your doggo with maximum comfort. The memory foam is designed to work with your pet’s weight and contour to their body, providing better overall support and relief from painful muscles and joint discomfort. They’ll feel both secure and protected thanks to the three bolstered sides, giving them a variety of cosy positions to snuggle into. With a removable and washable cover, this sofa bed is easy to clean and relatively fuss-free.

Buy the FurHaven Pet Dog Bed ($171.61) from Amazon here.

PaWz Dog Bed $75.99

dog anxiety bed, anxiety dog bed

Ideal for pets great and small, the PaWz Dog Bed provides your pet with the supportive, pressure-relieving comfort they deserve after a big day chewing bones. Designed to essentially cuddle your doggo while they sleep, the bed encases them with pillow-like walls offering a sense of security and enhanced comfort. It’s also a dream to clean since it’s machine washable.

Buy the PaWz Pet Bed Dog ($75.99) from Amazon here. 

Cave-Style Anxiety Dog Beds:

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed $48.18

7 Anxiety Dog Beds for That Nervous Pooch of Yours

Show your favourite little furball how much you love them with a Furhaven Plush Minky Faux Fur and Velvet Calming Anti-Anxiety Burrow Nest Hug Pet Bed. Designed for both dogs and cats, it’s got tall fibre-filled walls to keep your pet in warmth, as well as provide privacy, a sense of comfort, and security. Its soft mink faux fur and plush velvet features make it perfect for snuggling and nesting, while the non-skid base keeps the bed in place. It’s also machine washable for fuss-free cleaning.

Buy the Furhaven Pet Dog Bed ($48.18) from Amazon here.

GASUR Rectangle Cave Hooded Blanket Bed $121.26

dog anxiety bed, anxiety dog bed

If your pooch likes to burrow into anything they can get their lil’ paws into (read: your doona, almost every blanket you own, and the dressing gown you accidentally left on your bed), then this raised-rim dog bed fitted with an in-built burrow blanket will create a sense of security for your pup, aiding with better sleep, better health and better overall behaviour. Coming in sizes S through XL, remember to choose one that will grow with your pup.

Buy the GASUR Rectangle Cave Hooded Blanket Bed ($37.99) from Amazon here.

HappyCare Textiles Durable Oxford to Sherpa Pet Cave $49.29

7 Anxiety Dog Beds for That Nervous Pooch of Yours

Think of this dog bed like your pup’s very own sleeping bag. Made from soft, cosy fabric, it’s perfect if your dog loves to snuggle under blankets to feel safe and secure. If it’s too warm and your dog doesn’t want to snuggle inside the sleeping bag, then the zipper allows you to convert it to a mat for your pet to rest. It’s machine washable, water and tear-resistant and lightweight enough for travel.

You can buy the HappyCare Textiles Durable Oxford to Sherpa Pet Cave ($49.29) from Amazon here. 

Calming Plush Snuggler Bed $28.33

dog anxiety bed, anxiety dog bed

If you’re looking for a warm, cosy place for your precious pup to hang out this winter, this fluffy, lightweight, portable dog bed is it. The cave-like design will make your pet feel comfortable, snug and safe. Made from machine washable, hygienic fabrics, it’s also easy to clean and transportable, meaning you can take it with you on your travels, and your pup will always feel at home. Just a note: despite coming in various sizes, unfortunately, this one is probably better suited to your smaller furry friends.

You can buy the Calming Plush Snuggler Bed ($28.33) from eBay here.

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