If You’re a Pimple Popper, Acne Patches Are Here to Save You From Yourself

If You’re a Pimple Popper, Acne Patches Are Here to Save You From Yourself
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If you’re one of those people who constantly pops and picks your breakouts (hi, me!), I’ve got good news for you. We’ve found a way to avoid all of that and minimise your breakouts overnight which’s equally as satisfying. Enter: Acne patches. 

How do they work?

Acne patches, aka pimple patches or zit stickers, are hydrocolloid stickers that are formulated with acne-fighting ingredients like tea tree oil, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide to draw out the impurity and minimise inflammation and redness. 

Sounds too good to be true, but you can literally see the acne patches working. After application, the clear patch slowly starts to absorb the impurity, turning white and flattening out the pimple. They’ve also got the added benefit of blocking you from picking at pimples, which, if we’re honest, is why our breakouts can linger. 

They’re also pretty amazing at blending into your skin (regardless of skin tone), meaning you can use them during the day or night. To use, you simply apply the patch onto dry, clean skin, before applying the rest of your skincare routine or makeup. They’ve got the staying power of a stage-5 clinger and won’t go anywhere until you’re ready to gently peel them off. 

Do they work on all types of pimples?

Sadly, no. Pimple patches usually only work on whiteheads, you know, the rouge ones that pop up right before a date or big event. This is because the gunk that’s causing the pimple is already close to the surface of the skin and instead of popping it and spreading the bacteria, the patches absorb it. Cystic acne is typically a deeper breakout, so it may not respond to this kind of treatment. They can however help improve the appearance of cystic acne if it’s angry and inflamed, especially if the patch is loaded with anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

So do they genuinely work?

From my experience, the combination of acne-fighting ingredients, hydrocolloid bandage and not being able to get at the pimple will lessen the lifespan of your unwanted little friend. Like any good treatment though, it can only work if you let it. I suggest using the acne patches overnight, this way you’re not even tempted to pick at it, and it gets a full 6-8 hours, depending on your sleeping habits, to work its magic. 

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the best-selling acne patches so you can give ’em a whirl. 

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch 24Patches, $14.30

These are probably one of the most highly recommended pimple patches on the internet. Made from hydrocolloid, a type of wound dressing that draws our pus and impurities, it’s the perfect way to speed up the healing process when a nasty pimple pops up. They’re also great for reducing redness and inflammation as well as stopping you from picking breakouts. 

Buy the Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patch 24Patches ($14.30) from Amazon here.

Avarelle Acne Pimple Patches was $14.95, now $10.50 (save $4.45)

Infused with acne-fighting ingredients like centella asiatica, calendula and tea tree, these hydrocolloid patches are perfect for minimising breakouts on all skin tones.  

Buy the Avarelle Acne Pimple Patches (was $14.95, now $10.50 — save $4.45)

ZitSticka KILLA Kit $39.99

The KILLA zit stickers are a little different from your typical acne patches. It’s formulated with tiny microdarts that dissolve into your zit and heal it from within. The KILLA patches also contain ingredients like hyaluronic acid, oligopeptide -76, salicylic acid and niacinamide that help heal breakouts. This kit comes with Zit Stickers CLEANA swabs as well, so you can clean your skin before applying an acne patch. 

Buy ZitSticka’s KILLA Kit ($39.99) from Amazon here. 

Rael Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Healing Patch $23.16

Great to apply at nighttime or during the day under makeup, these hydrocolloid acne patches are a simple spot treatment to effectively heal unwanted blemishes. They’re tapered at the edges and translucent in colour, so they blend effortlessly into all skin tones. 

Buy the Rael Hydrocolloid Acne Pimple Healing Patch ($23.16) from Amazon here. 

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