5 TikTok Egg Hacks To Try Once You’re Out of Pesto

5 TikTok Egg Hacks To Try Once You’re Out of Pesto

Forget Instagram’s food porn, TikTok has now firmly established itself as the king of food content online. From honeycomb pasta to perfect potatoes, the platform is loaded with recipes and food hacks – many of which are incredibly useful in the kitchen. We know because we write about them all the damn time.

Most recently, you may have heard that something called pesto eggs was doing the rounds on TikTok. The recipe basically asks that you add pesto to a pan, crack in an egg and let the two fry up together.

It’s simple as hell, but the internet can’t seem to get enough of it. Seeing as we at Lifehacker love a good egg hack (or 12), I thought I’d pull together a list of other noteworthy egg videos available on TikTok right now. Follow along below if you’re keen to master every egg trend worth knowing about.

To start, how do you make TikTok’s Pesto Eggs?

As mentioned above, this recipe combined pesto and a fried egg for a fun take on green eggs. Replace the oil or butter you’d usually fry your eggs in with pesto and enjoy the flavour-filled results.

Hot tip: I do this all the time with scrambled eggs, too. Also worth a try.


More egg hacks for your enjoyment

1. Egg pockets

This is clever. TikTok creator @thejoshelkin shared that he spotted this trend on TikTok (of course) and decided to use it in an egg sandwich.

He suggests coating a pan (medium heat) and a slotted spoon with cooking spray. Pour a couple of eggs into the spoon – the yolks will be captured and the whites will slip into the pan. Then add the yolks into the centre of your whites and top with tasty additions like cheese and protein.

From here, he seasons the mix and when the edges begin to brown, suggests you fold over the edges of the white, creating a little pocket. Flip the pocket over to brown and pop it onto your bread. Yum.


Egg Hack Breakfast Sandwich.

♬ original sound – Josh Elkin

2. Blended scrambled eggs

@hellowonderful_co shared a hack for nailing creamy scrambled eggs, every time. In this video, they suggest using a handheld milk frother or blender to whip up your eggs and create the light fluffy consistency you see here.


How to make soft cream eggs 🍳 #homecooking #homechef #kitchenhacks #eggs #scrambledeggs #momhack #letscook

♬ Cooking – Oleg Kirilkov

3. Use a cup to peel eggs

We have loads of suggestions when it comes to simple ways to peel a boiled egg. In this TikTok video @rujinakhaled shares that she now uses a cup to peel hers, every time. Simply remove the hard-boiled egg from the water, pop it into a cup or jar and shake it around a bit.

The shell will begin to fall away and it will become far easier to peel from that point.


4. Gordon Ramsay’s tips on cracking eggs

This is a simple one, but in his video, Ramsay shares why you should always crack your eggs on a flat surface – not the side of a bowl. In short, using an edge causes the shell to crack into the egg. Not fun.


Tips for #brunch this weekend….listen to me when cooking eggs !!! #fyp #learnontiktok #cooking

♬ original sound – Gordon Ramsay

5. Inside out omelette

TikTok creator @feelgoodfoodie shared a sweet little recipe using shredded cheese, salt, pepper and fresh herbs. The trick is adding the cheese before the egg. It looks pretty delicious, honestly.


Crispy inside out omelette! Such a great low carb breakfast and you can top with any ant veggies! #learnontiktok #eggbreakfast #insideoutomelette

♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

Have you got more egg hacks for us? We’re all ears… and pans. Let us know in the comments below!

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