Kogan Mobile Is Offering 2 for 1 on 365-Day Recharges

Kogan Mobile Is Offering 2 for 1 on 365-Day Recharges
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How many times have you gone to grab a few quick groceries only for your card to be declined because your phone bill has been automatically withdrawn? Or maybe you’ve forgotten to recharge your prepaid plan and aren’t in a position to reup it? What if you didn’t have to worry about paying your phone bill for an entire year?

Kogan Mobile is currently offering a deal for its 365-day mobile plan, where if you buy one yearly recharge you’ll receive another for free.

If you have a friend who is willing to split the cost or you pay for multiple phone bills in your household, this is a pretty good way to share around the savings.

The overall price for each plan is either $265 with 250GB of data, or $355 with 500GB. However, considering the “buy one, get one free” offer, if you split the cost with a friend or family member, you’ll only be paying $132.50 or $177.50.

When broken down monthly and split in half, the monthly cost of this plan is roughly $11/month with 20GB of data or around $14.80/month with just under 42GB of mobile data.

It’s worth noting that this deal is only available until June 30, and the discount voucher you’ll receive for the free 365-day recharge is only valid until the end of July. So if you were planning to grab the free recharge and sit on it until this time next year, that’s a no-go.

You can check out Kogan’s mobile plans below:

How does this deal compare to other mobile plans?

As stated before, when you split either of these Kogan Mobile plans down to monthly prices, you’ll either be paying roughly $11/month with 20GB of data or around $14.80/month with just under 42GB of data.

To compare this plan with other telcos, we’ve rounded up other mobile plans that have at least 20GB of mobile data:

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