The Cheapest NBN 100 Deals on Offer Right Now

The Cheapest NBN 100 Deals on Offer Right Now
Contributor: Alex Choros
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If you’re after an NBN 100 plan but still want to save a bit of cash, you’re in luck. Plenty of providers are currently offering discounts on their fastest widely available plans right now.

Most of these take the form of a timed offer – you’ll pay a reduced rate for your first six months and get bumped up to the full price thereafter – but there are other offers around.

With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the best NBN 100 deals available.

Tangerine has one the cheapest NBN 100 deals around, slinging an unlimited plan for $74.90 per month for your first six months. You’ll pay $89.90 per month thereafter, but since the plan is contract-free, you can leave whenever.

Tangerine also has a 14-day risk free trial. If you find yourself unhappy during your first two weeks, you can leave and get your plan fees refunded. You won’t be able to get a refund for your modem if you purchase one through Tangerine, but it will work with any other NBN provider.

Superloop is a hair more expensive, charging $74.95 per month for your first six months, and $89.95 per month thereafter. In both cases, that’s only 5 cents more per month than Tangerine. Superloop does however report faster evening speeds, measuring in at 90Mbps during busy periods. Tangerine, for comparison, reports typical evening speeds of 83Mbps. Superloop’s plans are contract-free, and the discount is available until January 31.

TPG recently upped its NBN 100 plan evening speeds to 95Mbps, making it the second fastest provider around, tied with Optus and stablemate iiNet. Better yet, TPG also introduced a new discount offer. You’ll pay $79.99 for your first six months, and $89.99 per month thereafter. You’ll need to commit to a six-month contract to get this one, but you’re still free to leave as soon as your discount expires.

Aussie Broadband is offering a rather generous discount until the end of December 4. You’ll save $20 per month on its NBN 100 plan, bringing it down to $79 per month for your first six months. Just be quick if you want to grab this one. Aussie Broadband’s plans are also contract-free.

Vodafone has a similar offer going. You’ll save $10 per month on your first six months, bringing your bill down to $85 per month. That becomes $95 per month thereafter. That’s pricier than most providers, but the main reason you’d consider Vodafone NBN is because you can bring down your bill further by bundling with other services.

Vodafone will slash 5% off your total bill for every postpaid plan you have on your account after the first, up to a maximum of 20%. For example, bundling a Vodafone NBN plan with two Vodafone phone plans would cut 10% from your bill. Tablet and mobile plans are also eligible for discount bundles.

Vodafone’s NBN plans are contract-free. However, if you take up Vodafone’s optional modem, you’ll need to pay out the remaining value if you leave in your first 36 months. This is equivalent to $5 per month left in your three-year term.

MATE will also reward loyalty with cheaper prices. You’d normally pay $79 per month for a MATE NBN 100 plan, but you can shave $10 per month by also taking up one of the company’s SIM-only plans. MATE mobile plans are powered by the Telstra network, and start at $20 per month for 5GB. The $25 per month option with 15GB is a better pick, however. Once again, MATE’s NBN plans are contract-free.

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