Send Your Melbourne Mates in Lockdown Free Sweet Treats via Uber Eats This Week

Send Your Melbourne Mates in Lockdown Free Sweet Treats via Uber Eats This Week
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Melbourne’s entered week five of lockdown and we’re all feeling for our mates who’re stuck at home. If you’re from outside Victoria and would like to send your loved one in the city a pick-me-up sweet treat then hop on board Uber Eats’ #LockdownLove train.

Starting today, 31 August, Uber Eat’s #lockdownlove offer will run from 8pm daily (when the curfew kicks in) until Friday, 4 September. Each day until then, 1,000 people from outside Victoria will be able to shower their Melburnian friends and family with love and positive thoughts by sending a free dessert or ice cream delivery from a local Melbourne dessert shop. The order can be valued up to $20, including delivery fee.

So, how does it work?

  1. Enter your Melbourne-based loved one’s address as the delivery location in the Uber Eats app to show restaurants near them.

  2. Select an independent shop you think they’ll love.

  3. On the checkout screen, enter the promo code mondaylove (tuesdaylove, and so on).

  4. Press “Order Now”, then click the “Share this delivery” option at the top of the Uber Eats app.

  5. Send the tracker link to your friend. When they open the link, it’ll show where in the delivery process that surprise treat is in real-time.

If you’re wondering why dessert, Uber Eats explained the people of Melbourne had happily embraced their sweet cravings in lockdown and evening dessert orders skyrocketed by 22 per cent. The top choices thus far have been Sprinkles Ice Creamery, Lukumades and Pidapipo.

Now do your part, show some love, send a free treat.

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