The Best NBN Deals You’ll Find Right Now

The Best NBN Deals You’ll Find Right Now
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Fun fact: there are over a hundred NBN providers. These can range from small mom-and-pop style businesses to behemoths like Telstra, and then there’s everyone in between. While this might sound overwhelming, more telcos means more competition. And more competition means better prices.

With so many different providers fighting for your business, you can bet that there’ll always be a bargain to bag. So if you’re hoping to save some money on your NBN plan, here are our favourite promos around right now.

The best NBN 50 promo

Internode has one of the best NBN 50 deals around right now, thanks to a $20 discount on its unlimited plan. You’ll pay $59.99 per month for your first six months with Internode, and $79.99 per month thereafter. You’ll have to sign a six-month contract to get this deal, but you’re free to leave as soon as the contract – and your discount – has expired. You’ll pay an extra $74.95 if you need a new modem, but this is optional.

Better yet, Internode reports typical evening speeds of 44.4Mbps for its NBN 50 plans, making them some of the fastest NBN 50 plans around.

The best NBN 100 promo

Kogan Internet has cut the price of its NBN 100 plan by $10 per month for your first six months, bringing it down to $78.90 per month. When you factor in the discount, the plan is one of your cheapest options for an unlimited NBN 100 plan around.

Vodafone technically has a cheaper plan at $75 per month for your first six months ($95 per month thereafter), but you’ll get slugged with modem fees if you leave within your first three years. Kogan’s plan, on the other hand, is completely contract-free and setup fee free.

The best NBN 25 promo

If you don’t need a superfast NBN connection, you might want to consider this deal from Tangerine: $49.90 per month for an unlimited NBN 25 plan. Once again, this discount only lasts for your first six months, after which you’ll pay $59.90 per month. However, even at $59.90 per month, Tangerine’s NBN 25 plan is cheaper than many unlimited NBN 12 plans.

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