Telstra Announces NBN Bundles

Well, that didn't take long. Fresh off announcing it had signed up as an NBN retailer, Telstra's announced its NBN pricing bundles for customers in NBN-ready areas.

These bundles include home phone line, installation and a provided Wi-Fi modem. Of real interest is that these plans are only playing on two speed tiers; cheaper plans on 25Mbps and the above $100 plans on 100MBps. In terms of data bundles they're not the highest range — there are 1TB plans out there — and I totally don't get the difference between the $130 and $150 plans; I'm waiting on Telstra to clarify that particular oddity.

Update: Telstra's NBN website makes it clear; the $150 plan includes calls to non-Telstra mobiles, while the $130 plan charges 10c/min with a 45c connection fee; only $5 of credit is provided per month.


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    The differentce in the $130 and $150 would be that you can call any mobile from any network on the $150 plan whereas the $130 is only for Telstra mobile, and so no doubt there would be higher charges to call say an Optus mobile.

      Yes, seems pretty obvious to me too. $20 extra for unlimited calls to non-Telstra mobiles.

    Is this available for people in Telstra Velocity areas like Fitzgibbon Chase?

    It would be great if it is.


    Unbundled/Naked NBN from Telstra = wishful thinking

    Damn, I thought the NBN was going to be a lot cheaper.

      It is. Telstras just trying to rip people off, as usual. You should look into alternatives.

    Jeez, we just got Telstra cable installed today, it's $80 a month for 200GB and 100mbps. Seems like they really don't want people to go on the NBN.

    What's with the data limit difference between the first two options? 5GB for 90 or for 10 dollars more 200GB!? They're basically admitting bandwidth is cheap - it'd have to be if they can offer 40x the data for 10 dollars more - so why the limit in the first place?

    I con't see the justification for local/std/national calls any more. They're simply voip calls on a packet based network.

    No mention of the fact that you're forced to have a copper phone line bundled? This seems incredibly backwards and totally redundant.

    Can anyone tell me if the Telstra NBN is meant to replace Telstra Velocity FTTH?

    To users who are already on velocity or similar style plans/bundles Telstra has admitted that there is no 'benefit' for you to switch over. Though in saying that bundles & such down the line will offer some side benefits that may interest yourselves.

      (1) Source? (2) which current Telstra plans offer these speeds guaranteed?

        It would be great to know if this is true as Velocity plans are more expensive and they require you to have home phone lines first, before you can have velocity broadband installed in fitzgibbon Chase, which is a Smart Hub Community. It's really silly when you have no need for home phone lines.

    Well, my current 200gb phone and internet bundle with Dodo costs me $100, so this is pretty good.


    Telstra you idiots!

    For those who can't see the long view, they are clearly positioning themselves to maintain their 'premium' retailer status. Additionally, like other companies getting into the NBN early, they are attempting to ensure the product is priced well above their existing offerings for two reasons a) they need room to move - that is, drop their prices when the market becomes more competitive (both in terms of potential customers and more retailers) and b) they don't want to cannibalise their existing products such as ADSL.

    Play the long game people. Just wait for the rollout to gradually cover more potential customers. Slowly more retailer competition will come into the picture and like very new technology, economies of scale will bring the prices down.

    Don't panic!

    Expensive as always.. but what do you expect from the big T.

    $80 for the lowest tier seems a bit too expensive for my understanding of what is on offer.. You'd expect a half decent data allwance for that much.. maybe 50GB at least if not 100GB.

    I'm surprised people actually have landline phones these days..

      light487, if you are elderly and/or housebound and your eyesight is poor, then a landline is the cheapest option. It may also be the only option if they cannot use a mobile or anything other than a big-button phone. Every relative I have over 70 cannot use a mobile phone due to eyesight or arthritis, and doesn't use or want the internet. Sure lots of older people do so and good on them, but there are a LOT who do not but who still live in their own homes and this is going to affect them very very badly.

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