Telstra Is Doubling Data For All NBN Customers

Telstra Is Doubling Data For All NBN Customers
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Telstra has announced that all customers on NBN plans will soon receive double their current data allowance – which is good news for 4K Netflix fans. Furthermore, users who currently pay more than $99 a month will be migrated to unlimited NBN plans. Here are the details!

Telstra CEO Andy Penn laid out plans to give NBN customers more data at the Telstra Investor Day this morning. Existing customers are expected to receive the data boost in the next few weeks.

“I am pleased to announce that later this month we will be introducing unlimited data on our $99 and above plans for new and existing customers and doubling the data allowances on other broadband plans for existing customers over the coming weeks,” Penn explained.

Penn said that the plans will also adhere to the ACCC’s newly formulated six-principle guide for broadband services – which should result in greater transparency and honesty when it comes to speed information. According to the ACCC, the guide will enable consumers to make clearer comparisons on product choices, further encourage ISPs to compete on speed and save consumers money.

Existing Telstra customers should have access to the extra data from their next billing cycle. If you’re with Telstra, expect to receive an email about the changes in the coming weeks.

On a related note, if your data allowance is already adequate and you’re not locked into a contract, it makes sense to “downgrade” to a cheaper plan – the doubling of data means you should receive a similar monthly allowance for less money. Hurrah!

You can watch the full presentation here.

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  • About time!
    Our household data allowance is 1500GB, which unbelievably we either exceed, or come close to exceeding, each billing cycle (having used up all of our free data top ups, I was wondering what we were going to do the next time we go over our monthly data allowance!). Maybe there have been many people in the same situation, as we’ve been in (… and Telstra have finally clued up on the fact that they weren’t providing enough data in their plans).

  • I will probably reveal my age by saying this, but YOLO!
    I remember when I first ever set internet up on the dinosaur desktop I owned years ago (one of those big old clunky beige desktop PC’s!) and my monthly dial up allowance was 50mb (yes, that’s NOT a typo! I did indeed type mb!). Shows how far technology, and the internet has come, over the past 20 years!

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