Telstra Is Doubling Nearly A Million Customers’ NBN Speeds For Free

Telstra Is Doubling Nearly A Million Customers’ NBN Speeds For Free
Image: SMH / Adam Turner

Telstra has confirmed that every NBN customer on a 25Mbps plan will soon have their download speeds doubled at no additional cost. The move follows NBN Co’s decision to halve the wholesale cost of 50Mbps plans – so the speed upgrade isn’t actually costing Telstra anything. Still, a free speed upgrade is a free speed upgrade! Here’s what you need to know.

If you’re one of the approximately 850,000 users on an NBN 25 plan from Telstra, you can expect to see your speeds double over the next few months. Telstra is upgrading all 25Mbps customers to the newly-named ‘Standard Plus’ plan which boast maximum theoretical speeds of 50Mbps/20Mbps.

Existing Telstra customers will be automatically rolled over to the new plan sometime in the next few months. Here’s the spiel from Telstra:

These customers don’t need to do anything – we’ll upgrade the speeds in the background, and let them know once they can make the most of faster speeds (4K streaming, smart home, video conferencing, large-file uploads and system backups, etc.).

New customers, meanwhile, will receive a bonus Telstra Smart Modem with 4G mobile backup when they sign up for a Standard Plus NBN bundle. This modem comes with an inbuilt, pre-activated SIM that connects to Telstra’s mobile network during broadband outages.

The Telstra Smart Modem with a lamp, yesterday. (Image: Telstra)

So to recap, Telstra’s NBN 25 customers will soon get faster internet without having to do anything. Of course, the speeds you actually receive will depend on where you happen to live. If you struggle to reach 25Mbps now, the speed improvements are likely to be minimal.

For its part, Telstra is claiming that customers can receive “typical” minimum evening speeds over 60 per cent of the maximum speed during peak times.

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  • customer on a 25Mbps plan will soon have their download speeds doubled at no additional cost

    so customers might actually start getting 4 or 5 megabits now! whoooo!

    • If they have the CVC capcaity to back it up, then yes.
      (And they better given the rather public spiel they’ve made about how frequently they review and adjust their CVC requirements)

  • This is actually a plan to raise Australia above Kazakhstan and many other developing nations in the Internet Ranking (We are 55th in the world at the moment) and it looks poor so NBN is giving wholesale CVC charges away/at a significant discount to try and improve things. This is another political decision, not a technical one.

    • Well, duh.

      nbn can also claim that milllions of customers have chosen to upgrade to faster plans (thus proving its network speeds are reliable) when the decision to upgrade was actually made for them by their telco.

  • I hope Optus does the same, they are already offering a free upgrade to new or renewing customers, but they refused my request for a free upgrade from 25 to 50 just yesterday. I just have to wait and see.

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