Samsung Galaxy Note 10: What’s Different?

We are less than a week away from Samsung’s official announcement about their flagship model, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, but with some unexpected changes and introductions rumoured to shake up the series, let’s look at what we know. Here’s what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Has Two Big Problems” excerpt=”New images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have allegedly leaked and it’s stirring up some controversy due to some classic features being absent. Sadly, it looks like the rumours about the headphone jack’s removal are true.”]

1. It won’t have a headphone jack

While many of us have started to slowly adapt to the wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headphone trend, it’s handy to have a backup option in the form of a headphone jack. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks to be ditching this useful feature to many people’s dismay, which could also be a deterrent to upgrading for some. With that said, a mini 3.5mm adaptor should be included in the box.

2. The camera’s supposed to be a beast

Nearly every new phone release has an impressive camera with specs for days and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 doesn’t look to be an exception. First off, it’s been rumoured to have a three-stage aperture (f/1.5, f/1.8 and f/2.4), an upgrade to the Note 9’s two-stage, giving more manual options when capturing images. While the entry will include a sizeable camera bump on the rear, those three cameras will probably offer more varied lenses like an ultra-wide and telephoto.

According to a specs leak, you can expect 12-megapixels for the primary camera, with 12-megapixels for the telephoto and 16-megapixels for the wide lens. The selfie camera is expect to be 10-megapixels.

3. There’ll be two models, including a plus

Samsung is expected to release two sizes, the regular Note 10, as well as a bigger size called Note 10+. While dimensions still aren’t out, the Note 10+ size is expected (obviously) to be a larger version of the Note 10. RAM-wise, the Note 10+ is expected to come with 12-gigabytes while the Note 10 will have eight-gigabytes. Most of the other specs are essentially same with the CPU and storage being identical. One important upgrade in the Note 10+, however, is its inclusion of the MicroSD slot; a feature which was removed from the Note 10.

4. There’ll also be 5G options

It’s expected both the Note 10 and Note 10+ will have 5G-enabled counterparts making technically four Note 10 models available. This has only been confirmed to be available with US telco, Verizon, so it’s unclear at this stage whether it’s an exclusive and how it will be unveiled in Australia. The previous 5G Samsung release, Galaxy S10 5G, was just a beefed up version of the non-5G entry so we expect it’ll be the same with the Note 10 options.

5. It’s a never-ending screen

Unlike the leaks from the Google Pixel 4, which shows a fat bezelled-up display, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is rumoured to feature a 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, weighing in at nearly 170 grams. The Note 10+ weighs nearly 200 grams and had a 6.8-inch AMOLED display. The exact dimensions are still unknown but both models are due to feature a slim bumper around the screen with a little dot to house the front-facing camera. Great for the bezel haters out there.

6. It’s going to be water resistant

Another leak has suggested the display will have the highest level of dust resistance as well as a very robust water resistance feature.

The leaker said the screen has a IP69 rating. The ‘6’ stands for the dust resistance rating, the highest level. The ‘9’ of that rating refers to its water resistance. An ‘8’, what many recent flagship models are rated, means screens are protected from water immersion up to one metre in depth. A ‘9’ offers the best level of protection meaning it can withstand high-pressure water jets. Seems a bit like overkill but a cool gimmick nevertheless.

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