The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Has Two Big Problems


New images of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have allegedly leaked and it's stirring up some controversy due to some classic features being absent. Sadly, it looks like the rumours about the headphone jack's removal are true.

An array of leaked Samsung Galaxy Note 10 images purporting to be from a case manufacturer reveal what looks to be an infrared (IR) blaster. However, the new design is missing somewhere to plug your headphones into.

Hey, call it nostalgia or just regular pragmatism but the lack of a headphone jack means all those expensive wired headphones you bought a few years back, before this trend was decided to be the future, are now moot.

Report: Samsung Is Finally Dumping The Headphone Jack

According to new reports, Samsung is preparing to make a significant change to the Galaxy Note10 - a move that will likely define what we see in other devices from the Korean electronics giant moving forward. A number of familiar features are set to make way in the name of progress, including the 3.5mm headphone jack.

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As it turns out, we weren't the only ones a little peeved by Samsung's move toward a headphone jack-less device.

Aside from the Case of the Missing Headphone Jack, the designs seem to show microSD slots are out too. (Long-term Samsung fans will recall this was also removed from the Galaxy S6 before being hastily reinstated in the next model.)

It's still unclear whether there'll be a tiered capacity offering similar to Apple or whether something new altogether will be introduced.

Our queries will finally be put to rest when official details of the Galaxy Note 10 are announced on 7 August.

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    Guess I need to start looking seriously at the next Sony phone instead...

    Micro SD and headphone jack gone?

    Do tell why i should buy this over an iPhone when the two main features that made it better than an iPhone are gone?

      If that’s your criteria, just buy cheap crap. Android has plenty of options for you.

        Man i love how easy it is to make you fly into a fanboy rage.

      I agree with you. I have a few criteria when it comes to buying a phone, water resistance, extra storage and headphones are three of them. While I prefer the freedom of Android over Apple I also want the hardware features to back it up. Without them there's less differentiation.

    2019, people. Folks really do need to get over that headphone and MicroSD stuff.

      2019, Phil needs to get over the fact people still want these features.

      Very much so. They will not be missed.

        So I should throw out my existing headphones that work wonderfully? And while we're at it not listen to music while charging the phone (I refuse to use the wireless ear buds because I've never found a comfortable pair, never mind the shitty battery life). And of course I should throw out the 256 GB card that I already have because "reasons".

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